The decision to choose Central Park in New York as my next destination was out of the much influence I received from my peers who had earlier visited the area. However, for a long time, I had ignored the area and always choose other destinations over Central Park. The time came and decided to give the Central Park a visit. The day came, and finally, I was in Central Park, due to lack of interest towards this place, I did not take time to view what am likely to find in the park. My ignorance is what I blame for the events that followed immediately after arriving in Central Park. Everything appeared opposite of all my expectations, and the place surprised me resulting to a state of confusion as I tried to decide on where to start, the park is occupied with all the enjoyable activities and adventures one would need.
The presence of all these leisure time necessities offers the best satisfaction more so to the kids. The love of animals from the children are well catered for by the Tisch Zoo in the park which host penguins, the snow monkeys well as the lion kingdom. Since my first visit, I have my spot which I always sit once in the park. While sitting on my favorite bench in the park, I seen children watching different species of birds as they try to identify them. Just next to the bird watching site, another group of children are in the Zoo, admiring the different type of animals available there.
On my far end is an ice skating park where children are slowly skating with the assistant of their parents or guides on the ice, others will, others are playing ice hockey in a different section of the skate park. For sure I enjoy my every single minute while sitting on this bench. I am also able to see The Wonderland Alice Statue on this similar spot, on the statue children are climbing the beautiful bronze statue over and over again. The statue has been children favorite spot since 1959. Those with the taste of nature and its gifts, you cannot avoid missing the fun as you watch the views at Central Park Mall.
Different culture also has a place in the park; here children will visit to have an experience and learn more about other people way of living. For example, the charms of the European garden right from New York. The six-acre garden is also the home of the different types of flowers which form beautiful super trimmed way through and walkways, more so some fountains are available as well. The garden is one of the best sites where children and their families come to have some photo shot. The climbing of the Belvedere Castle is another favorite activity which everyone in the park will always want to experience. The aerial view of the Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn as well as the Ramble from the top of Belvedere Castle is the best way to close a day in Central Park. For sure I cannot wait for the next time I will have a chance to sit on my favorite bench at Central Park, it is not a common thing to have all such kind of recreational facilities in one place thanks to the Central Park that has made this possible.