A Change Experience Done Well

One of my most successful change experience occurred when I was about to leave my seat as the chair of the Saudi Club. In my last term, I proposed that executive committee members of the club should no longer be appointed. Instead, it should be elected. Although the group initially opposed this move, I was finally successful in convincing them of the importance of having elected officials over the appointed ones. In my opinion, elected executives would be more accountable to the club since they would be representing the interest of their supporters. Additionally, the current process of appointing officials was biased since it did not consider the competence of these individuals. Finally, unlike appointment of officials, the electoral process would give all group members a fair opportunity of having leaders of their choice.
Importantly, this experience made me learn that as a leader, I should always prioritize the interest of my followers. Although I had the privilege of appointing my friend, whom I thought was a good leader, I was of the view that I should give the members the freedom to choose their next leader. When the club selected a different chairperson than I would have preferred, I realized that if I had appointed my successor, I would have imposed my choice to the group. Additionally, I learned that a person must give all individuals in a team an opportunity to share their opinions and experiences. Therefore, this change enabled me to become a more caring and listening leader and enhanced my ability to establish teamwork.
My experience in this change process showed me teamwork is what determines a group’s success. Therefore, each leader should establish cooperation by understanding the views of all interested parties when he/she is making group decisions. Consequently, this change process has made me learn that I should consider the opinions of all my group members, which has, in turn, allowed me to enhance teamwork.