Channels of Communication
A channel of communication refers to a medium through which information is transmitted to its intended audience. The person transmitting the information always considers the location of his/her audience and content of the message. If the information is urgent, he/she should use fast channels, and if it is confidential he/she should use personal forms of communication. Accordingly, the channel of communication that a person uses determines the speed with which information is received and if it is received by the target audience.
Channels of Communication to a Large Audience
When speaking to a large audience, I will use radio, social media such as Facebook, and the television. The radio is appropriate because most people always listen to it. To ensure that the information is heard by most people, I can communicate at prime time hours such as after evening news. Communicating to the public using social media such as Facebook is efficient since information is quickly shared by many users. In addition, the information can be stored and be reviewed in future. Finally, television is an effective channel because it enables audio-visual communication. I can also communicate during the peak viewership hours such as after news so that most people can get the information.
Application of 3 Steps Process
In order to avoid sending a wrong message, a person may use the 3 steps process of communication. The 3 steps process of effective communication entails: connect, convey, and convince. Through ‘connect’, the writer can be able to empathize with his/her target audience and script the email in a manner that they understand. In addition, it will also enable him/her to organize the email in a way that main points can be easily understood. ‘Convey’ will enable the person to communicate the information in a clear and concise manner. With regards to the aspect of ‘convince’ the author can use terms and examples that make his/her audience to believe what he/she is saying.
Social Media Challenges to Businesses
The main challenge that social media has brought to businesses is on how to communicate to potential clients. Currently, most people are always using social media as they main source of news and information which has made them reduce their television viewership. As a result, contemporary means of marketing such as television advertisements are no longer effective.