Cecilia Juarez
Professor Sampson
December 5, 2016
Privacy it the most important right of an individual. Without a person’s privacy, they would have no sense of dignity. Privacy is a sense keeping personal information getting to the wrong hands of individuals. Also, giving it a protection in which the government has no control over. Protects an individual’s emails, bank statements and medical records from others keeping them safe and secure. Privacy also protects the right to be free from discrimination for personal reasons and giving the right personal information isolated from public exposure.
By establishing privacy rights, the constitution declared that no government enforcement could search a person’s home, computer, documents, or property without a proper warrant. The Bill of Rights however reflects to protect certain aspects of privacy. Thus, creating the fourth amendment privacy of the person and possession as against unreasonable searches. There is a case in for the invasion on someone’s privacy. Contacting major phone companies to get a hold of people’s phone calls/ conversation, who have they spoken too and for how long. Also, tracking their every move linking their cards to certain apps and tracking people’s location through mobile devices. That is all a sense of violation and a sense of trespassing. It is invading/ trespassing someone’s privacy, example: you walking into someone’s property without that people’s consent or punishing explicit content like medical records.
If people knew when they were under government surveillance they would keep, there information to a minimum. Some people may still be acting the same knowing that they are not doing anything. Unlike those who may seem suspicious or may be from another race or ethnicity may act a little different and watch their surrounding and every move, just to be safe from any activity that may or could get them into government or police trouble. Not many people would be on their phones, having a phone call or even keep conversations to a minimal. They would also try to disconnect things that would be easy to tap too, like computers, phones, cellphones their own home security. It would make a difference because it would chance people’s actions, there would be a decrement in crime and many more people would be caught but either police enforcement or government. But I do believe may people are being surveillance by government officials, that why many people do not own cellphones or any technology that could potentially get tapped into. Privacy should be protected and cherished by the individual and also from the government
The 9/11 incident may have provoked the NSA to tap into large phone corporates all over the US
In conclusion, and individual’s privacy should be the central of importance and everyone deserves this right. Although coming from National Security tapping into people’s phone calls and locations they should still give individuals the privacy everyone deserves. It is right to indicate that national security is crucial that comes before individual privacy. Although information does not go public to others the government should still consider and stop invading peoples privacy.