“Climbing the Golden Arches”
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This week we’re working on concluding paragraphs. The conclusion is a chance to bring your ideas together and emphasize the key points in your essay.
Post 1:

  1. In paragraph 18 (the conclusion) of “Climbing the Golden Arches” (pp. 439-443 of The Norton Sampler), Nuñez’s recounts several important points drawn from earlier in the essay; specifically, she talks about what she has learned. Choose one of the points she mentions and cite an early passage that supports her conclusion.
  2. What was your first job like? Write a concluding paragraph that shares the key points of your experience and what you learned.

Post 2: Respond to a peer’s comment on Nuñez’s story. Did he/she establish a clear connection between a main point in the conclusion and a body paragraph in the story? Also comment on your classmate’s paragraph about a first job. Does it read like a concluding paragraph? Why or why not? If not, how could it be revised to be more clearly an ending paragraph?

  • Post an initial response to both parts of Post 1.
  • Post a response to one of your peers.
  • Post on two different days.
  • Length: Post 1= 250 words minimum. Two paragraphs of 5- 7 sentences each. Post 2= 150 words minimum.
  • Post your word count at the end of your post.
  • Use quotations from the literature to support your points.