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Emergency Response Plan for Riverbend City
An organization must put in place systems based on disaster preparedness and management. Emergency management programs are meant to reduce the level of damages caused in the event of an occurrence. For these programs to be successful there must be a team of individuals from various departments and profession to work together towards the emergency response in a place. Riverbend City, need to form a steering committee to work around the clock on contingency towards disasters. For the emergency response plan to kick off, some members need to be brought to the board to ensure the plan is a success.
The first person to be recruited to the team is the City Council Man, Mr. Quincy Reeves, who has a vast experience in communications; he is a former chairperson of the Lindner Hills PTA, he is vibrant with the revitalized systems. Currently, he is a board member of the Riverbend Library. With all these experiences acquired in various posts, Mr.  Quincy qualifies to head this team. Secondly, Mrs. M. Gourley who serves as the director of nursing services can be brought on board to bring lead health-related services during an occurrence. The third person to join the board is the City Fire Chief Mr. Chuck Bicking who is honored for the community services and education on public safety. Since he is involved in disaster management services, his experience is much more vital to this team since he has the first-hand experience.  Anne Wescott has been a director of an organization that offers humanitarian aid to the suffering; she can be selected to spearhead operations to save the human life in any occurrence. Finally, Father Junot Rivera will represent the religious community.
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