I have always dreamt of pursuing my university at New Jersey City University (NJCU) due to its high standards. It provides the students with an environment that enhance their holistic growth and development both in sports and academics. I believe that the institution is the best place for me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in (insert the course) as it one of the leading universities in New Jersey and the entire country.
My primary interest in the course is due to the desire to change my community, especially those from poor socio-economic background. I do not come from a rich family hence understand the challenges most students from such backgrounds face in their quest for better. The skills I will get during my four years of study will play a will play an essential role in improving interaction with the local people. Besides, I seek to use the knowledge as a tool for solving some problems that have existed in my surroundings since I was a child. Particularly, drug and alcohol abuse among the young people is my immediate area of concern.
In addition, I am a sports loving person and have special interest in soccer and volleyball. New Jersey City University emphasize on sports and talent development among its students. I look forward to using this opportunity to advance also advance my career in sports while I pursue my career in (insert course).  I am sociable and hard-working person and believe I have all it takes to pursue this course to the end. Also, I look forward to building my networks with other students at the school.
Thank you in advance as I look forward to your positive reply.