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Communication and dissemination plan in the organization acts as a vital approach towards the realization of goals and objectives of an organization(University of North Carolina, 2014). The program might be expanded into some directions such as marketing activities with the aim of enhancing the commercial potential for the company or towards enhancing technology and scientific approach in the organization for better results (University of North Carolina, 2014). It is, therefore, important for the healthcare organization to ensure that proper channel is used as far as communication and dissemination of information are concerned. It must be accomplished through putting the focus on both external and internal infrastructure through deploying formal and informal mechanisms (University of North Carolina, 2014). The objective of this paper is therefore to evaluate significant notion related to an efficient tactical plan for communication and distribution of an organization.
Building of Information and Communication Infrastructure for the Organization
Efficient communication and dissemination planning are aimed to achieve the desired impact with the use of least possible resources that are available (University of North Carolina, 2014). Putting in place clear process for development and dissemination of information is significant in maintaining transparency and trust in the health sector (University of North Carolina, 2014). Consideration of all the elements of communication such as oral, written and the audience the message is relayed to is crucial in ensuring that appropriate communication infrastructure is put in place in the organization (University of North Carolina, 2014).
Plan that addresses all Areas of the Healthcare Organization
The backbone of the communication and dissemination plan is created by considering relevant documents such as technology plans, operational plans and financial plans of the organization (University of North Carolina, 2014). It is, therefore, necessary for the team to gather all such relevant documents that will aid them in the process of dissemination and communication process. Then, the organization must review the distribution and communication objectives through communication audit (University of North Carolina, 2014). The communication audit is likely to release excellent information for the organization especially if the plan is not effective as it should be. A communication audit is tasked with evaluating if the discussion groups, emails, twitter, and brochures are bringing impact or reaching the desired audience (University of North Carolina, 2014).
Conducting External Analysis
It is vital for the organization to carry out an evaluation of the environment that they operate on (Hoongendam, 2011). Environmental analysis helps the body to get conversant with their surrounding hence gaining critical information concerning the forces that have influence in the communication plan. Awareness of threats and opportunities helps the healthcare to equip themselves for both challenges and triumphs that are incoming. External environment awareness helps the organization to come up with a closer communication and dissemination plan for the benefit of the group (Hoongendam, 2011).
Focusing the Plan on the target Audience
Identification and understanding the target audiences is an important strategy of using the least amount of resources while reaching a broad range of people both inside and outside of the organization (Hoongendam, 2011). Most health agencies have a wide range of audiences that needs appropriate channel and approach towards dissemination and communicating information.  The narrower the organization defines the audiences the more it has the chance of comprehending them (Hoongendam, 2011).
Promotion of Message Development and Framing
Message development is the process of conversion of words, phrases and sound bites into sentences that expresses the complete thought and is useful in the communication process (Hoongendam, 2011). Message development process entails consideration of various communication elements such as mission statement, image, slogans and how the messages have been framed (Hoongendam, 2011). Similarly, message framing involves researching on ideas and previous value that one may link to a particular issue. The process puts into account both the public views concerning the organization. Having knowledge how the audience will feel over a particular problem in the organization will lead the team in framing a message that will put into account the views of the public and attempt to change their current viewpoint (Hoongendam, 2011).
It is clear that communication and dissemination planning plays a vital role in relaying information concerning the organization (Hoongendam, 2011). Thus, Healthcare organization must ensure that this significant process is strategically implemented with the minimum use of resource that are available in the organization (Hoongendam, 2011). Focusing on all areas of healthcare in a bid to put up with better communication and dissemination plan is likely to aid the organization in the due process (Hoongendam, 2011). Similarly, putting up appropriate infrastructure for the process will help the organization achieve the objectives and goals across all the departments (University of North Carolina, 2014). It is therefore important for healthcare to put priority in communication and dissemination plan for better results and peaceful coexistence between staff members and the clients as well to create good reputation for the organization (University of North Carolina, 2014).
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