Harris County health department
As with every other county, the health department in Harris is mainly focused on ensuring that the community is living a healthy life. In this, the mission, vision, and values of the health department have been reviewed over and over to ensure that there is no backlogging of any sort. That stated, the mission of this health department is: Promoting a Healthy and Safe Community, Preventing Illness and Injury and generally protecting the community. On the other hand, the vision of the health department is healthy people, a healthy community which will lead to a healthy County. Finally, the values that the county emphasizes on include: excellence, compassion, flexibility, integrity, accountability, professionalism and equity.
Considering that this is a county health department and the values and the vision of the company, various measures have been taken to ensure that the department is as effective as possible. Some of the major activities that it is involved in include: assisting families that have been affected by floods such as in Aldine, free well water testing, Aerial mosquito spraying in flooded areas, and proper research on upcoming scourges such as the zika virus; whereby the county has invested in mosquitoes that will feed on these viruses among others. All these activities that the department has invested in have made them the public health department of the year 2016, as per NACCHO.
Furthermore, the department has ensured that the county is very habitable by the provision of some programs and services mainly centered on the wellbeing of individuals and animals. Some of these programs include dead bird reporting, applying for food permit, breastfeeding support, built environment program among others.
The data about the department is very useful and the primary source was their official website http://publichealth.harriscountytx.gov/. As per my opinion, the department is on the right track considering the investment is done in the community.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Considering the various challenges that human beings face on a daily basis, it is no wonder that various individuals and groups have come out to help the sick and the needy. In this issue, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has been regarded as the largest philanthropic organization mainly focused on the health of the community. It has been focused primarily on the more common and most notorious health issues, such as addiction and the disparity of the health care system. In this, the company has focused on ensuring that communities, even on the remotest part of the nation, receive proper medical attention and has worked against drug and substance abuse.
All these activities that the organization is involved in are in line with the policies set forth upon the foundation back in 1972.The organization has been dedicated to building a culture of health that is mainly aimed at ensuring that everyone in America has a fair and just opportunity for health and wellbeing. The fundamental cannons that guide the work of the company include acting as good stewards of public resources. In this, the organization uses private resources to advocate for public interest with the main focus the vulnerable and the sick. Furthermore, the company advocates for open communication between members of the public and the organization with the main aim ensuring that no one has been left out.
The company has worked tremendously considering the great progress witnessed on the wellbeing of the nation. All this has been achieved through collaboration with the health care system and most importantly on the notion that no single organization can change the general wellbeing of the society.
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