A photo refers to the image created when the light fall on the light-sensitive surface, particularly photographic film. Photos are important in the lives of people because they help in connecting individuals with those who came before them (Henkel 397). Pictures help in creating memories, which people to places and emotions. Additionally, photos help in expressing emotions that cannot be expressed by words. Taking photos involve a process, which includes looking the target subject in the eye, select a plain background, move in closer, choose the flash range, and capture the identified subject. The paper focuses on comparing photos taken under sunshine and indoor under lights.
Having learned about the importance of photos in creating memories and expressing emotions, I decided to take photos with the aim of capturing all important moments. To ensure that I come up with the high quality end product, I decided to take photos both indoors and outdoors environment. I realized that the most important thing in photo shoots relate to focus on the outcome so as to ensure that the individuals enjoy the experience (Kazmi et al. 125).  To compare the difference between taking photos indoor and outdoor, I decided to take photos in both environments, in different durations.
When taking photos of the indoor environment, the first step was choosing the most appropriate camera. I choose the camera with high ISO capabilities, which is suitable for nighttime photography. Choosing this camera helps in making sure that the exposure looks well-lit. The next step involved disabling automatic mode so as to control shutter speed. I took photos with the shutter speed of between 1/60 and 1/200, which is good when capturing a sharp image. I used daylight so as to give the subject a beautiful soft light. I avoided the use of overhead lighting because it can exaggerate the appearance of the subject in the photo. I modified the flash and the light so as to make sure that the photo looks stunning.
When taking photos in an indoor environment, I realized that there are limited options both in public and private space. The first step of taking photos in indoors environment involved focusing on the setting.  Using the right setting allows people to see the warmth of the room or any features in the background (Wells n.d.). I chose Auto White Balance because it is fine and works better in both outdoor and indoor environment. I opened the window and set the subject. I realized that when the subject faces the window, the photo became flattering because they are better lit. I also took care of photos the background to ensure that unnecessarily clutters are avoided so as to improve the quality of the photo.
Method, Software, and Tools Used
The main method that I employed when taking photos in indoor environment related to thinking fast and wide. The method helped in attaining the required camera setting. This helped in creating exposure combination, which had Camera Mode of aperture priority, ISO of 800, shutter speed of 1/100 sec and aperture of f/2.8. The method was also important in post-processing, particularly in white balance and noise issues. I used software called Focus Magic to sharpen digital photo by removing digital noise. The main tools I used in taking indoor photos include the digital camera, portrait backdrops, lighting and extra lighting gear like reflectors, umbrellas and barn doors.
The method that I employed in taking outdoor photos relates to locating lighting. By correctly locating the direction of the sun, I created great effects on the final images. The main tools I used in taking outdoor photos included light modifiers, brackets, power, and pack systems. I also used Serif Affinity Photo software to edit the photos and improve their quality.
Original Measurements

Classification of Indoor vs. Outdoor Using Computer Sematic Features
High quality Low quality Percent High quality
Indoor 345 84 80.4
Outdoor 384 76 83.5
Overall 729 160 82.0

Table 1: Classification of Indoor vs. Outdoor Using Computer Sematic Features
The Table 1 above indicates the number of high and low-quality photos, which were taken in the outdoor and indoor environment.  According to the table 1, there were more high-quality outdoor photos compared to indoor photos. The percentage of high-quality photos is higher in outdoor than indoor photos.
Analysis and Conclusion
From the data collected after comparing the photos taken under sunshine and indoor under lights, it was found out that photo taken under the sunshine have high quality. The quality of these photos can be compared using the color and the texture. In conclusion, taking photos under the sunshine can result in high-quality end product (Kazmi et al. 128-146).
Significance of the Topic
Photos are important in lives of many people because of the roles they play in expressing emotions, educating people and creating a memory. Thus, this topic is important because it helps people learn about different ways of taking photos. The topic also helps people understand the method and the tools required in taking photos both in the outdoor and indoor environment.
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