2 Literature review
2.1 Introduction to different aspects of online purchase
2.2 Theories of online purchase
2.3Areas of Operation\ in the field of online purchase
2.4The comparisons of online purchase with other sectors of trade
2.5 Case studies of companies prominent in this field such as Walmart, Amazon, Ali Baba etch and the development techniques adopted.
2.6 Trends observed in the purchase behaviors of consumers around the globe

  1. Methodology

3.1 Consumer surveys(questionnaires)
3.2Literature on the journals, reports, inventories and returns of different companies.
3.3Depth.interviews (structured and/or unstructured)
3.4 Observations
3.5 Analysis of documents and Materials

  1. Data analysis (Provisional; to be determined by data collected)

4.1Qualitative analysis
4.3 Histograms

  1. Results and Findings
  2. Conclusions
  3. Recommendations