Content Analysis Assignment
Length: 4 pages max, double spaced
1. Pick one of the following three Time magazine covers
2. Describe the general message from one image you choose (one short paragraph)
3. Provide an in-depth analysis and your own commentary on the magazine
cover image you chose (up to 3.5 pages)
*Analysis must focus on the caption, the figure’s gesture and facial expression,
the physical setting and any items presented in the image
*Commentary must be your critical reaction to the image and be related to the
broader social issues (e.g., demographic trends, social problems, attitudes)
4. Provide a summary table for your analysis which includes:
(1) a number of themes or categories
(2) evidence from the chosen image
• Apply relevant statistics and/or empirical research (in-text citation is required)
• Theoretical concepts can be used, although not required
• 4 pages maximum (double spaced), excluding the cover and reference page
• MLA or APA referencing style
Themes Evidence from the Image
Cover Page #1
Cover Page #2
Cover #3