Question 1 Coordinate services and support activities in consultation with the older person and colleagues (P.C. 1:2) a) When coordinating delivery of services to an older person what do you need to ensure you have done? b) Why should the service delivery plan and its goals be developed in consultation with the client and significant others – the family, carer or advocate as appropriate. c) What behaviour diagnostic tools and assessments do the health professionals use in your workplace? d) What is the process for seeking specialist advice from other health professionals, in your workplace? e) Is the process the same when consulting specialist advice from external agencies? Question 2 Outline and clarify all service providers’ understanding of the individualised plan and their roles and responsibilities (P.C. 1:3) a) Who would delegate implementation of the individualised plan? b) Why should a support worker need to clarify with their supervisor their roles and responsibilities? Question 3 Recognise signs consistent with financial, physical or emotional abuse or neglect of the older person and respond in line with organisation guidelines (P.C. 1:4) Read the following case studies and provide a response in the table below. Case 1: A 91-year-old man is unable to pass urine. His son, who has a learning disability, has been his father’s sole carer in recent years and seems supportive. You notice the presence of multiple bruises down one side of the father’s body. Case 2: You visit a neighbour who was admitted to your aged care facility some time ago after a stroke. Her daughter voices concern about the weight lost by her mother since admission. She knows her mother has difficulty eating, but questions whether she is receiving sufficient help. Case 3: During your agency shift in an aged care facility you become concerned about the number of medicine pots containing tablets left in a residents’ rooms. A personal care worker explains that they do not always have time to give them first thing in the morning as they are busy getting all the residents up.