Core Leadership Communication
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Core Leadership Communication
Exercise 3.1
Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe by Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek (2014) YouTube video Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe is informative on the attributes that every person should have to become a leader. This video presentation is targeted at leaders and aspiring leaders. In particular, it teaches these individuals to the characters of great leaders and the reasons why such individuals can make their followers feel safe.
Sinek’s uses various rhetorical strategies to capture his audience’ attention and make his presentation memorable In particular; he uses logos to state the facts he presents in his speech. For example, Sinek (2014) notes the specific date when Captain William Swenson rescued wounded soldiers when the troop of military officers that he was leading was ambushed in Afghanistan. Additionally, Sinek (2014) uses imagery to enable his audience to understand his argument. He requests his audience to imagine how the world was in the paleolithic age so that they can understand his views.

  1. Clarity and consciousness

If we don’t trust each other, if I don’t believe you that means you won’t watch for danger, and that is a bad system of survival.

  1. Word choices (diction)

Circle of safety, tribe, natural reaction, trust and cooperation.
We evolved into social animals, where we lived together and worked together, in what I call a circle of safety, inside the tribe, where we felt we belong. And when we felt safe amongst our own the natural reaction was trust and cooperation.

  1. Active voices

“yelled at”
He was yelled at for attempting to board one group to soon.
Passive voices
“to be sacrificed”
We know that they allow their people to be sacrificed so that they can protect their interests.

  1. Simple/ short sentences

The world was filled with danger.
Lack of resources.
Complex/long sentences
When a leader makes the choice to put the safety and live of the people inside the organization first, to sacrifice their comforts and sacrifice the tangible results, so that the people remain and feel safe and feel like they belong, remarkable things happen.
The primary visual strategy used by Sinek is a chart. In this diagram, he illustrates how people live in communities for them to experience some form of safety. Additionally, he shows the dangers that make people prefer to live and operate in groups.
The oral strategy and tactic used by Sinek (2014) are intonation and emphasis. On intonation, Sinek increases the volume of his voice when he his stating major points in his speech. To emphasize main points, he would typically increase his pitch and slow down the speed at which he was communicating.
Application 3.2
Write the Sentences in Active Tense

  1. The Student Association ordered 5,000 T-shirts.
  2. Once a student can show the receipt of pay and pay a processing fee of $1, he/she will qualify for the accommodation of class transfer.
  3. The collection of data was selective to allow computation of the unique ratios utilized by “corporate raiders” in assessing a buyout candidate.
  4. Forthwith, there is a presentation of detailed information on filling out the form.
  5. A decision has been made to reject your proposal because it does not follow the RFP guidelines.
  6. All management personnel in my division will have a memorandum on how to implement the policy.

Application 3.3
Eliminate Unnecessary Words

  1. We are in receipt of your expense report, but due to the fact that it contains errors, we need to discuss it as soon as possible.
  2. We are sending you the report in regard to our analysis of the Patrick Co. re-engineering
  3. As of January 10, 2009, we will no longer authorize work on the Javia
  4. To ensure that the optimal conclusion will be drawn, it is essential for you to ensure the analyst are given all data that are necessary for effective completion of the analysis.

Application 3.4
Rewrite the Following Sentences to Make Them Parallel

  1. Highland Services primary goal is to charge the lowest costs for its services using its professional technicians, who are friendly and responsive to customers.
  2. To persuade your audience, you must:
  3. Consider the audience’s motivation.
  4. Have an early inclusion of your bottom-line.
  5. Place the strongest arguments first.
  6. Summarize key points at the conclusion.
  7. The team gave the following reasons for not completing the project on time:
  8. Unrealistic time allotment.
  9. Major computer problems.
  10. The lack of necessary data.
  11. The inability of the team to get along.

Application 3.5
The organization of the email is not professional, as such, Charles Thompson is not able to properly address Robert Browning. In the address section, the former does not state his company or his professional title. Similarly, he forgets to indicate the institution where the latter works. As a result, it is difficult for Robert to identify the sender of the e-mail immediately he sees the copy.
Since the e-mail is informally written yet it contains communications between two organizations, it does influence my response to it. Firstly, I have a view that these institutions have a casual and relaxed operation between them. Additionally, I am of the opinion that Thompson may be incompetent since he is unable to write a formal letter correctly.
The main mistake in usage in this e-mail is in the communication of personal issues in the official letter. In particular, Thomas tells Robert that he is aware that he was golfing in California all week. He also indicates that his vacation was enjoyable. Simply, Thomas makes a mistake of mixing personal relationships with official businesses.
The main expressions used by Thomas that bother me include “Hey Rob,” “Wading thru papers,” “Catch-up,” and “asap.” His casually address to Robert is improper for an official letter.
In my opinion, Thomas is a reckless person. Therefore, I do not like or trust him. Thomas casual address to Robert indicates that he does not respect the latter. Additionally, his inability to evaluate his environment and make appropriate decisions on the tone and language he should use shows that he is incompetent.
The main changes that I would make to the paper are in its organization and format. Firstly, I would include the letter of the sender and the recipient. Additionally, I would only use formal language in the paper. Finally, I would list the main issues just after the introduction part. I would make an elaborate discussion of these matters in subsequent sections. This method would ensure that the entire information in the email is written formally and is organized in an easy to read way.
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