Question 1
A site establishment plan is necessary before the actual construction works begin. The main purpose of the plan is to ensure that the site is established in an efficient manner. The rapid establishment of a site will provide a place where the equipment, materials, and plants are safe from damage and vandalism.
Question 2
An organizational chart plays a very crucial role in the functioning of a company. It is a diagram that basically shows the structure in an organization. The diagram, in most circumstances, is headed by the superiors and their relation to each other. Therefore, the ranks of t
Question 3
The aspect of project delays is really unwanted. In this, a delay may prove costly because it prevents the company from venturing into other contracts Therefore, the total number of weeks =14
Question 4
. Some contractors and subcontractors may work within a very short time but may fail to meet the requirements of the project. On the other hand, some may work within a longer time and meet the project’s expectation. It is, therefore, necessary for effective plan