create a complete proposal for a Project; • to: justify the need for such a Project; 
On completion of this Project development assignment, you should be able• create a complete proposal for a Project; • justify the need for such a Project; • prepare the above into a Project Implementation Plan; • incorporate the tools of project management presented in this unit; and • schedule the project end-to-end using MS Project, or equivalent. Requirement of this Assignment • Assigned groups are required to prepare a preliminary Project Implementation Plan for a Project within an existing company. The proposal in this instance should include a justification for the project as well as how it would be rolled out. Sometimes in business environments these documents may be split, but in this case they can be combined together; as a joint proposal and implementation plan. • The proposed Project could be based on a new facility to expand the business, an update to existing assets, a new business idea or combination of all or any of these. • The Project may belong to any existing organisation. • If you are not familiar with a specific opportunity within a company you could tackle this as putting up a proposal on the basis of identifying a need.