General Instructions:

  • Create an evocative and engaging Opinion Editorial that explains a challenge associated with realising aspirations of the common good in your professional community, locally and globally.
  • The Opinion Editorial should clearly explain to readers what the issue chosen from the list is, and how your understanding of the knowledge you have acquired in the unit addresses the issue or problem and relates to the discipline area you are studying in.
  • Please note that you do not have to come up with the ‘definitive solution’ for the Op Ed, this may form part of Assessment 3. Your tutor is looking for a well-argued view in order to move forward on the issue or problem.
  • The Op-Ed is to be no more than 700 words long.
  • The idea is to express your thoughts clearly and concisely and make your argument as directly as you can – just like a journalist or writer. The challenge is to present a persuasive argument in a concise manner.
  • Although Op-Eds do not usually require referencing, for this academic work, full referencing is required. References do not count in the word limit.