The ‘Gold Diggers’
Anyone who has the audacity to steal from a bank must have nerves of steel. Though it might be so, and easier, a far more complicated way, is the use of deception and trickery. The robbery of a central bank in Fortaleza, Brazil is a classic example of the use of trickery, disguise, and deception.
The crime of robbing the central bank in Brazil occurred on the 8th of August 2005 (Erskine, 2006).It was discovered later on that the ‘gold diggers’ had stolen $40million and disappeared without a trace.
In the events that followed, it was discovered that there was a tunnel that led directly into the bank, from a rented house about a block away. Most people around the area did not realize that selling artificial glass was a sugar coating to the real purpose of the house. The gang had gone to full measures to ensure that the illusion of the building being a business premise selling glass was fully accepted by the community. They distributed free promotional baseball caps and even did advertisement. The building had been rented out by Paulo Sergio de Souza, as revealed by his identification documents, but he too had vanished without a trace.
The gang had worked on the 80-meter underground tunnel and fitted it with air conditioning, electrical lighting and wood paneling to the sides. To finally break into the bank, they had drilled through steel reinforced concrete and in the process, no alarm was triggered. Before they had executed this act, the gang ensured that not a single trace of their fingerprint was to be found in the rental building by covering the walls with white powder. Furthermore, in trying to cover the footprints, the gang had stolen old bank notes that the bank had no record of.
The crime might be said to have been executed in a perfect manner, considering that the main culprits were not caught. Regardless, men have been put on trial for being in connection with the crime in one way or another.
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