The Double Homicide of Leslie Mazzara and Adriane Insogna
Murder has been regarded as one of the most heinous crimes Out of the many murders that have occurred, let’s consider the deaths of Lesle and Adriana which occurred on the night of Halloween, 2004.
After the activities of the day, three roommates Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna and Lauren Menza went to bed, particularly after dishing out candy. At about 1 A.M, Meanza intuitionally woke up because of the sounds of a scuffle and considering the state of panic and fear she was in, she decided to hide in the backyard. Later on, after she had seen the assailant climb out of the window, Meanza went into the house only to discover that her two roommates had been butchered.
Considering that no crime is perfect, the assailant had left traces of evidence in the form of cigarette butts near the crime scene and they particularly matched the blood traces inside the house. It is this that prompted an investigation with the DNA being run against various DNA databases but there were no matches found. In the follow-up, police officers and FBI agents spoke to about 1500 people that were deemed to be of interest. One particular person was the husband of Lily, a friend of Insogna, by the name Eric Copple.Copple had refused to give a sample of his DNA when it was in turn but he managed to escape conviction, until one year later when he turned himself in and confessed the double homicide.It is still unclear why he turned himself in but one guess is the trauma and haunt that followed his engagement to a friend of the two.
It is particularly inhumane that Copple murdered the friends of his fiancé. To add salt to injury is the fact that during the time that he remained at large, he got Insogna’s mother to stand for him at his wedding. To murder the friends of the fiancé is one thing, but to invite the mother of one of the victims is a whole new level of inhumanity (Ranker, n.d.).
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