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Cultural Differences—Let’s Break a Deal
Wilm. U. (Feb. 2010).Cultural Differences—Let’s Break a Deal.” Education. YouTube, Feb. 2010. Web. 7th June 2016.
Evidently, the manager did not address the cultural differences effectively. Initially, he started off well by greeting his guest. Further, his inquiry into his trip was indeed thoughtful. However, the manager’s transition from the small talk to business was abrupt and somewhat rude. Moreover, he never thought it wise to make a formal introduction. Basically, this would have set stage for a smooth transition for Mr. Norio from the previous manager. Additionally, he seems to totally disregard his guest’s obvious enthusiasm in dishes discussed. Nevertheless, his rant on how busy they were was the epitome of rudeness. Thankfully, he appears to notice this mistake and apologises. Further, he does not apologize for his secretary’s intrusion when reminding him of other appointments. Ideally, all the highlighted mistakes should not have been present.
Essentially, it is important to be accommodative of others’ feelings and views. Importantly, giving others an opportunity to express their opinions makes them feel valued (Robert et al., 2011). For example, if the manager had given close attention to his guest, it would be likely he would have signed the contract. However, his utter disregard for his client pushed him to their competitors.
Basically, a director of an early childhood program faces situations where critical decisions have to be made. Accordingly, the director should be prudent and exercise great communication ethics (Robert et al., 2011). In light of this, I will avoid all the miscalculations the sales manager did in the foregoing lesson. In addition, my interactions with parents, students, and all stakeholders will be based on excellent communication skills. Finally, I will be involved in staff motivation, coaching, and application of relevant communication skills.
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