1) what cultural artifact have you chosen to analyze?  Why?
Atari video computer system(Atari 2600), because I like play video game when I have free time and I think video game is very important in America and Atari is the emergence of video games in America.
2) what do you think this might tell us about American culture? What major themes might your artifact shed light on?
The emergence of video game in America and how it influence people’s entertainment habits.
3) What do you need to know about this artifact in order to complete the paper?
The history and the company.
4) list 5 key word search terms related to your topic that might help you find related articles and information
Atari, Atari America, Atari 2600, Atari video computer system, video games.
5) Please list five initial sources here
“Atari Age: The Emergence of Video Games in America”
“Transplatform: Culture, Context, and the Intellivision/Atari VCS Rivalry.”
“How the 2600 forged the home video game future.”
Academic Review
6) what sources– or types of sources– do you need to find next? How/where will you find these sources?