Case study: Dalton Events have got offers for events to be conducted during the Christmas holidays in different cities. The DOSM has got offers from two different organizations to conduct the event. The possibility is that they can only accept one offer as they are all on the same day in different suburbs. As the revenue manager of Dalton Events Australia Pvt Ltd, events management company based in Melbourne, you are asked by your DOSM to critically evaluate the following and report on the same by categorizing costs and critically appraise & evaluate cost drivers with emphasis on cost drivers in relation to which offer is best acceptable for the business. 1. The First event is a trade show to be held in Melbourne on the 20th Of December. The event is all about One massive day of tattoos, art and entertainment, the venue chosen in Melbourne Exhibition Centre. International tattoo artists together under one roof to showcase their work. Visitors will have the chance to meet their next (or first!) artist, research the latest trends, and even treat themselves to a tattoo on the spot. Their requirements on that day of event are as follows. 1. They need a rock band to play from 10.00 am till late 6 pm 2. Video Production 3. Event Staff 4. 3000 chairs 5. Signages 6. Social media marketing 7. Light refreshments ( soft drinks and snacks) They are expecting: Participants: 8000 Visitors and 300 Exhibitors. The venue rent would be paid by the Australian Tattoo Association thus Dalton Events has to only collect the entry fees and provide their service as an event organiser. These are the following information that Daltons DOSM has researched and collected from last years event that was organised by another company. The entry fee was $135 per ticket