This assignment is a report. The report is based on your evaluation of a clinical scenario with specific key questions related to the scenario. Please read the following scenario provided and review it in keeping with the specific questions and learning outcomes associated with this assignment. Please see the specific report writing instructions associated with this assignment. 1. demonstrate an understanding of the multifaceted role of registered nurses within the organisational structures and processes of health care; 4. identify, analyse and evaluate the role, functions and skills in leading and managing teams across the spectrum of health care contexts; Addressing these rationales are important because they enable you to contribute to, and seek feedback from the unit coordinator and other markers. The aim with this assignment is that you are able to develop a report that addresses a number of key issues related to the role of a newly graduated registered nurse. The assignment will allow you to consider ethical and medico legal issues, clinical decision making, scope of practice and professional nursing standards, teamwork and interdisciplinary practice issues and leadership roles from the perspective of a newly graduated Registered Nurse. Clinical Scenario: Jade’s Dilemma? The lift doors open and Jade rushes into the lift. Jade is a newly graduated RN and she is running late for a shift at the start of her second week of her new graduate program. Inside the lift are two, night duty nurses on their way home after finishing their night shift. As they share the lift Jade over hears them discussing a patient. “She should be made to take the drugs,” one of the night nurses said. “Yes,” agreed the second. “That mother is condemning Bethany to a death sentence.” The lift doors open onto Jades floor, she quickly rushes to start her shift. The shift coordinator reminds Jade about the importance of being on time to start her shift, but adds that she is lucky, as the night staff had left their handover information on a tape for her to listen to. Jade listened to the handover tape and discovered that she would be working with the shift coordinator as they are short staffed. She and the shift coordinator have six patients to care for in their patient load. One of her patients is an 11-year-old girl, called Bethany and Jade wondered if this was the same child she had heard the two, night duty nurses discussing in the lift. The tape covered much of the essential care for all six patients, but additional information had been handed over verbally that Jade had missed. The coordinator (Lisa) failed to pass on the additional information. Primarily, it related to Bethany’s mother’s religious beliefs and a discrete move by the medical team to make Bethany a “ward of the state.” Jade decided to check on the welfare of all six patients. Eventually, she met Bethany an 11 year old child, newly diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) and she had recently developed a serious chest infection. To Jade’s surprise Bethany was not receiving any medications and had no IV line. She also found Bethany in her mother’s arms as she sat in a chair at the bed side being gently rocked. Jade noticed that on Bethany’s medication chart she was written up for IV antibiotics.