1. Determine the expected direction of change in Earnings Per Share ‘EPS’ if a firm borrows funds to buy back stock. Cash Stock Mixed Offer Offer Offer Market Price, Target, MP-T [Per Share] 27.50 27.50 27.50 # Shares, Target, NS-T [M] 20.00 20.00 20.00 Market Price, Acquirer, MP-T [Per Share] 61.00 61.00 61.00 # Shares, Acquirer, NS-T [M] 37.50 37.50 37.50 Synergy, S [Total] 64.00 64.00 64.00 Cash Paid Per Share [Per Share] 29.50 0.00 10.00 Total Cash Paid, C-T [Total] Conversion Ratio, CR [Per Share] 0.00 0.475 0.33 Deal Price Per Share, DP-T [Per Share] Market Value, Target Pre-Deal Market Value, Acquirer Pre-Deal # Shares Paid By Acquirer [M] Total # Shares, New Firm [M] Cash Value Paid By Acquirer New Firm Value, Post Deal Market Value Per Share, New Firm Stock Value Paid By Acquirer