The aim of the research report is to develop skills required to investigate different sources of
information about one specific issue, and to critically select and analyse primary and secondary data
to support your arguments in response to a research question.
The research report uses primary data/information (what the person/business says about
themselves), secondary research data/information (interpretations fromothers on the case or the
issue) and refereed papers to answer one of the assigned research questions, drawn from the six
issues covered in Module 3. In the course of your investigation, you will source and create one
specific case example (i.e. one corporation and issue) to illustrate the interaction between the B, S
and G sectors, in relation to the issue selected.
The process of research is thecentral activity inModule 3, and thereforethe readings, tutorial activities
and audio- visuals are included to guide you through the research process. The research assignment
is the outcome that will be evaluatedandmarked,andit isexpectedthatit will
representanextensivepieceof workdevelopedthroughWeeks 8 to 14. This includes:
1. Review of literature for the theoretical perspectives of the topic to be researched.
2. Collection of information and textual data on the case you choose to study (drawing on primary and
3. Analysis and interpretation of this information and textual data.
4. Reflection on the relationships between the different perspectives discovered in the case.
5. Communication of your results of this research, in the written form of a research assignment.
The research should be based on library and web-based resources (such as the websites of
corporations and NGOs). It isimportant toregardthetextscollectedascrucial
data/informationthatmustbecriticallyanalysed. Theresearch process for writing the assignment does
not simply require you to cobble together fragments of information collected from different sources.
Instead, the text should form the foundation for developing your own arguments in your assignment.
– Introduction (approximately 100 words).
– Presentation of views on the issue taken from a review of the literature (including at least two
refereed journal
articles) (approximately 600 words).
– Presentation of an original case to illustrate the actions taken by business, government and society
(approximately 400 words).
– Discussionof thecase comprisingacritical reviewof thecase fromyour
– Conclusion comprising a synthesis of themain issues and a proposal for bettermanaging the issues
(approximately 300 words).
– List of references (8-12 references including web resources).
Drawing on the concepts and theories studied inModules II and III, write a research assignment
addressing the impacts of business activities on stakeholders and the actions taken by business,
governments and social groups.