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Developing Better Communication Skills
Communication is a channel of passing thoughts, feelings, and information between individuals through writing or speaking. For effective communication, the information transmitted should be received and understood without any distortion.  For an effective communication to take place, one needs to acquire a variety of skills to help penetrate through various areas of life and expertise (HELPGUIDE.ORG, 2015). For effective communication, there is need to develop listening skills by taking time and carefully listening to others through verbal and non-verbal ways of communication.  One needs to choose the type of words to be used for communication to be effective. Words used to bring clarity or confusion to the receivers. One needs to relax and stay calm so as to keep tension away and let confidence shine (Skills You Need, 2016).
One should show interest to the recipients by asking questions and clarify any misunderstood points. Maintaining positive attitude keeps people cheerful and active.  There is the need to consider other people’s points of view as this makes one to gain trust and respect from the recipients.  There is the need to understand and manage stress so as not to affect interpersonal communication. One needs to be assertive by not being aggressive or passive (HELPGUIDE.ORG, 2015). With the assertive skills, one can express opinions in a way that is understood by everyone without feeling hurt. For effective communication to be developed there is the need for one to reflect and improve, one learns from previous successes and mistakes. One should always keep the positive attitude to give room for corrections (Skills You Need, 2016). For mutual respect to prevailing, there should be room for effective negotiation. Working in groups both professionally and is also a way of developing better communication skills.
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