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Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics
Marketing is an important process because it allows the business to promote the product to the customers, and persuading them to buy. The main goal of most companies is offering their products to the customers so as to make sales and earn profit. For the company to realize this goal, the management team must come up with marketing strategies so as to adopt the right promotion strategy, which will help in focusing on a specific market segment.
The focus of this paper is providing a follow-up of situational analysis, key competitors, target market analysis, the overview of the business, goal objectives, measurable strategy and market task. The report will focus on explaining how e-marketing will relate to the strategies and tactics of Netflix to achieve its objectives and customer service. The paper will also focus on relationship and loyalty plan, time line for promotion strategies, and the future of the company.
Section 3: Implementation Plan
3.1a Design and usability factor
Electronic marketing, commonly known as emarketing refers to the use of the marketing techniques and principles through electronic media, particularly through the internet. Emarketing is applicable to the Netflix considering the fact that the company sells its product and services through the internet. Through the use of the emarketing, Netflix can effectively reach out to huge number of the potential customers who visit different online platform every day.
For the implementation of the emarketing, netflix need to have website, which offer the company the online presence. Website offers the platform for the potential customers to access important information relating to the company, the product, and services it offers to the market and the price of that product and services. The main factors to consider in the process of optimizing the design and improving the usability of the business’s website relate to accessibility, content, layout and the color (Ou, C.X & Sia, 2010 P. 913).
The accessibility of the website relates to the fact that people need to navigate the website and find the required information (Cyr, 2009 P. 539). The design of the website should make sure that visitor can easily find the information they are looking for because most customers want to find information easily so as to save time. This can be enhanced by offering drop-down menus and search boxes, which allows one to get round the site.
The content refers to the information that the end-users can see when they access the website. The content offered on the website can include graphics explaining different product and services. There is also need to include the keywords, which are important in directing users to different areas on the website (Ou, C.X & Sia, 2010 P. 915).
There is need to maintain a concise and clean layout so as to reach out to the wider customer base. The layout of the website relates to how the information is arranged. A layout is aimed at ensuring that the website is appealing to the users. It is important to create a good website layout because it influenced the amount of the time that the user spends on the website.
Color is also important to the website because it can improve the effectiveness of the website. It is important to select the colors that one need to include in the website. The choice of the color is important because it complements the pictures include in the website is providing specific messages to the customers (Cyr, 2009 P. 542). However, it is important to note that it is important to include no more than four colors so as to realize a suitable background.
(Adopted from Patrick & Sarah, 2016)
The graphic design of Netflix includes the logo of the company, which is also the home link. This will offers as the link that offers the basic information about the company to the customers (Stanaland & Tan, 2010 P. 569). The graphic design of the website aims at creating the website which will allow the customers to buy product, communicate with the support team and get direct feedback from the company. The target audience of Netflix website is individuals who are over the age of 18 years, from different parts of the world. Netflix website aims at making the customers realize that the company has the best products, which can be bought easily through the internet.
The main content of the website relates to the information of the products and services offered by the company, including their prices. The website includes search boxes, which allow the users to search for the products that want to buy from the company. Search boxes are designed in such a way that it allows the customers to use key words with the aim of finding the specific products. The website also has navigation links, which allow uses to access different areas on the website. The website also has a link, which allows the customers to buy the product they have identified. The design of the website is suitable in attracting more customers to the company, identify product offered to the market, get information relating to those product and make decision to buy the desired products. The information offered Netflix’s website is suitable is making the customers realize that the company offer the best product to the market, through the online platform.
Measuring the Effectiveness of the Website
            Measuring the effectiveness of any marketing tool is important for the company to ascertain its usefulness. Different company operates under very tight budget, and the management teams are careful to ensure that they only use the most effective marketing program. Thus, it is always important for Netflix to measure the effectiveness of the website so as to ascertain whether the marketing is working.
The best place to start when measuring the website relate to assessing the relevant information, which will be useful in measuring the effectiveness of online marketing efforts.  Some of the main significant metrics to review the effectiveness of the website relate to the visits, unique visitors, returning visitors, and traffic sources. When considering the visitors, it means that one review the total number of users visiting the website, including numerous visits by the same user, within a given period (Stanaland & Tan, 2010 P. 569). Unique visitor refers to the number of users that visits the website only once over a specific period, who are determined through cookies.
Returning visitors involves reviewing the number of users who returned to the site over a given period. Traffic sources refer to the source of the traffic to the website, which includes direct traffic where the user typed the website URL directly into the browser to access the site. There is a search engine where the traffic comes from the use of search engines like Yahoo, Google or MSN. Additionally, there is referring sites where traffic comes from sites, which link to the website, for example from the blogs, banner ads or affiliates (Ramos & Cota, 2008 P. 58).
3.1b Getting Customers Attention
It is the aim of many companies to have websites, which attract visitors with the aim of driving sales or referrals to new customers. To generate traffic, it is important to create valuable content for the website and include the right pictures (Moran & Hunt, 2014 P. 71). Lack of the visitors to the website means that something is wrong whereby the website. This can be caused by the website not being mobile responsive, slow website loads or messy navigation.
There are different ways in which Netflix can use to drive traffic to the site, particularly through search engine optimization. The process of search engine optimization involves creative and technical elements, which are required to improve raking, raise the awareness in the search engine, and driving traffic (Cyr, et al., 2009, P.543). It helps in making the website better for the users. The majority of website traffic can be driven by the commercial search engine.
The main search engines that I plan to list the Netflix website include Yahoo and Google. The main reason for using Google search engine relates to the fact that Google has a wide range of its reach where it takes about 90% of the search market. Google is also the most popular search engine throughout the world. The main reason for using Yahoo search engine to drive the traffic of Netflix website relates to the fact that Yahoo has invested massively in investigating the behavior of thousands of million users. This will help the company to understand the behaviors of the users who are visiting the website so as to focus on a particular target group (Berman & Katona, 2013 P. 84).
The names of directories that I plan to list the Netflix website are Wwwi, Directory World, Directory My Link, Link Book and The Web Directory. The reason for selecting these directories is that they are free to use (Cyr, et al., 2009, P.545). Using them would help in reducing the marketing cost, which will, in turn, have a positive effect on the profit realized by the company. The name of the portal which I plan to list Netflix includes Patient Portals. The main reason for choosing Patient Portal relate to the fact that Netflix is involved in business, which requires patient right.
The main search engine monitoring strategy to be employed relates to search engine referrals. It is important to measure the contributions of search engines traffic so as to ascertain their impact. Considering the fact that Netflix employ the top search engines, including Google and Yahoo, it would be a good strategy to assess their referral (Berman & Katona, 2013 P. 653). The main reason of using this strategy is to relate the performance and market share. This helps in assessing the impact of every search engine to specific market share.
The main search engine optimization strategy that will be employed in Netflix website relate to developing a content-marketing. The Netflix website will have content, which use the top keywords. This will be done by creating webinars, videos, research report, and blog post. This will help in giving people a tool to link to, which will in turns help in increasing the ranking of the website (Berman & Katona, 2013, P. 645).
3.1c Getting Customers Interest, Desire and Action – Driving Traffic to the Site
The promotion strategy of emarketing that Netflix will employ will help realize the main goals of dealing with competition, employing technology, improving internet presense, increasing profit margin and globalization, through different ways. These ways relate to use of a combination of media and communication tools so as to spread the message (Berman & Katona, 2013, P. 649). Through the combination of different tools, the marketers can reach out to many customers.
Through the use of the marketing tools and efforts of public relations, the marketer can effectively spread the message.  Integrated is important in passing the message across different target audiences, which help in reaching out to a large number of potential clients. Integrated marketing allow the use of traditional media, which include radio, newspaper and television, which help in reaching out to customers in offline platform (Dou et al., 2010, P. 267). Thus, the integrated marketing ensures that the message get to people in different target markets. It helps people understand the value of the products offered to the market by Netflix.
The integrated communication strategy model allows the marketer to think outside the box. To realize Netflix objectives, which relate to brand values, target markets and positioning strategy, the marketer will come up with creative ways so as to reach out to potential customers. The integrated communication will help in including non-media communication practices, which include use of vehicle wraps, floor clings and street painting (Brodie et al., 2007, P. 11). Additionally, the integrated communication strategy encourage the use of social media, which allow the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social sites in connecting Netflix to the customers. This helps in spreading marketing message to a large number of people at lost cost.
The main online stragegies that will be used through emarketing, by Netflix include e-mail markjeting, banner and use of social media sites. Email marketing will involve sending commercial to specific group of people, through emails (Chaffey et al., 2009, P.51). The reason for using email marketing relate to cost effectiveness associated with the method. Email marketing is faster and cheaper to use compared to tradiutional mails.
Use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will help the market to spread the promotion message quickly and effectivelly, to target audinces. The main reason of using the social media sites relate to the number of peopl using those sites (Brodie et al., 2007 P.17). Thus, the market can spead the message to large number of pople within a very short time.
Banner marketing involve use of visual displays to communicate messages to the target audience. Use of the banners allow the use of the creativity in presenting the marketing messgae to the aduence. The main reason for using banner relate to the fact that it allows the audience to get the visial experience of the product that the company is offering to the market (Eid & El-Gohary 2013, P. 32).
The main plan in the first year relate to undertaking email marketing, which will be undertaken four times per year. The reason for undertaking email marketing is that it will help in reaching out to specific audience, quickly and easily. The method will help in reducing the marketing cost because it does not require huge amount of money, compared to use of banners. Email marketing will contribute to brand value, target strategy, positioning strategy and realization of Netflix objective by spreading promotion message to potential customers who will buy products from the company. Netflix will use paid media because they are effecive in spreading marketing meassage (Chaffey et al., 2009, P.57). The marketing will undertaken four times per year, in january, March, June, September and December.
Netflix will collaborate with Google, Mozilla and Microsoft in the first year. Google will be helpful as the search engine, which will allow users to search required product from Netflix website. Mozilla is a browser, which will provide the customers with the platform to type Netflix URL and get to the website (Walvis, 2012 P. 83). Microsoft is a company that will offer operating system that the users will use in their computers and other devices used in downloading movies.
Mock Up of Banner Ad
(adopted from Mahita, 2017)
Frame Diagram Of Web Page Where You Will Get Customers To Sign Up For Your E-Mail
(Adopted from Mahita, 2017
Copy for E-Mail Letter
Sub: Netflix Wide Range of Products
Dear Sir/Madam,
Every individual need to be entertained so as to deal with increase pressure in the life today. People are faced with a challenge of getting reliable and high quality marketing materials. Most movie companied do not offer guaranteed quality movies, particularly for family setting. With Netflix, people can get a wide variety of movies and documentary that will keep entertained every day.
Netflix is commited to listen to the customers so as to offer the products, which meet the needs of all customers. The company provide easy ways of accessing a variety of movies, allowing people to download and make payments for them through online platform. People can enjoy a variety of payment method, which make transcation easy and faster.
Visit our website, which is, and get access to a variety of movies to chose from. In case of any questions, kindly contant the support team through our toll free numbers +1 67 007 562.
Thanking you
Yours Truly
3.1d Generating Revenue
Netflix will generate revenue from its website through various ways, which include ecommerce, affiliate marketing and advertising E-commerce will involve selling products from other companies, and getting sales comission in every sale. The website will also generate revenue from direct sales of services offered by other companies.
The website will be used in affliate marketing whereby referalls will be used to direct potential customers to other companies websites. This will drive traffic to thsoe website, which can be translated into sales (Ramos & Cota, 2008, P. 67). The Netflix will get a parcentage of sales made by those campanies, after being referred through Netflix website.
The company website will also generate revenue through dislpalying advertising meassages of other companies. Netflix will desplay newsletters, blogs and email of other compaies. As a result, Netflix will be paid for the advertising services.
Section 4: Customer Service, Relationship and Loyalty Plan
            The customer service that Netflix intend to employ relate to offering new products after making purchase of more than two movies. The customers will be allowed to download a free movie of their choice every time they buy two or more movies. The customers will get sales commission from sales made by the customer they refered to the website. Another important customer service that will be offered to the customers relates to effective communication, which will be offered by the support team. The strategy of offering excellent customer service relate to involing support team to collect the view and opinions of the customers so as to improve on the qulaity and product of the services offered to the customers (Walvis, 2012, P. 61).
The main strategy of genrating customer layalty at Netflix will relate to creating interactive dialogue through the website. The customers will will be allowed to communicate directly with the support team. This will help teh customers to get their question answered directly. This will improve their confidence in the company, whicn in turns will improve their loyalty.
Section 5: Time Line for Promotion Strategies

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Email Marketing                        
Social Media                        

Email marketing will be done four time per year. The marketing will be done in the months of January, March, June, September and December. New email messges will be sent to new and old groups of people. This will help in increasing teh number of target customers without ignoring the returing customers. Four times per year is a reasonable time because its allows the customers to identify new target groups. Banners will be done twice per year because they can remian visible to customers for a long period of time. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will be udpated regulalary, after every one month so as to provide customers with new message.
Section 6: The future
The main future technology that will be included in teh website once the website become available relate to employment of business systems. Netflix website will be integrated with transaction processing systems so as to record daily activities, including new orders and sales. This will help the company in collcting all transaction information, which can be analyzed so as to assess the profitablity of the business (Bernstein & Newcomer, 2009, P. 71).
The main options thet I plan to pursue in the five years after launch relate to order tracking. The website will be fitted with a tab to track the orders made by the customers. This will help in ensuring that orders are processed on time. This will help in increasing customer satisfaction.
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