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  1. The firm I have selected to develop and come up with a social media business plans for Blue bird bio Inc. The company was founded in the year 1992, and its headquarters are based in Massachusetts in the United States. Blue bird bio Inc. has a wide range of products, that is, platforms of integrated products with therapeutic potential. The company leads in the revolution of therapy and their integrated products constitute of the edition of genes, cancer immunotherapy, and gene therapy. Therefore, the firm has the potential to offer treatment, and cure a variety of serious diseases. The objectives of the company are to bring development and also provide the market with the most advanced services and products which are all based on transforming the potential of gene therapy. The company has identified gene therapy as a one-time treatment for patients suffering from rare diseases, cancer, and severe genetic. Blue bird bio Inc. focuses its collective determination to avail the patients with hope for better lives even under circumstances of limited and even absence of efficient and long-term options for treatment. The reason behind choosing Blue bird bio Inc. is because I share the same vision with them, that is, to avail hope, cure, and treatment to patients who have no hope of a better tomorrow. Additionally, I intend to do my internship program in the same company come summer 2017.
  2. My primary aim of this project is to assist Blue bird bio Inc. in reaching out to as many individuals as possible, especially through social media. A lot of people have given up hope after contracting severe diseases, cancer, or genetic challenges because they are not aware that companies such as Blue bird exist. In particular, the awareness will be created and spread through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. For the older adults, Facebook will be the primary form of media to reach out to them because most of them are not up-to-date with current social media platforms. More so, Facebook is the most common form of social media with almost every individual in it. As a student pursuing marketing, I also intend to showcase my prowess to be considered in the case that an opportunity arises in future.
  3. Why are you creating the content you’re creating (What are your goals?)

The chief reason for creating the content is to create awareness and also reach out to people who may be suffering from chronic diseases, cancer, and genetic challenges. In brief, I will be spreading a message of hope to the hopeless, a way of rescue for the challenged individuals. Additionally, I intend to create an awareness page on all the social media platforms so that people with the ability to access them may find a reason to spread the same to other people.

  1. Who is your audience and who are you?

The target audience is patients and families that may have members suffering from cancer, genetic disabilities, and other serious illnesses. I intend to reach and convince people that Blue bird bio Inc. is the best providers of medical services in the mentioned fields and that it is focused on ensuring healthy lives among the sick individuals who have given up for a cure of such ailments. Additionally, since the firm has previous cases which have been a success, I intend to use comments from them so that they can show to the world that indeed, Blue bird bio Inc. is the best at what they offer. In this case, I will not only assume the role of a marketer but also as a beneficiary of the services provided by Blue bird bio Inc. The strategy will serve as a convincing tool for people to seek the same services.

  1. What do you want the content to achieve?

The content of the marketing plan will be composed of answers asked by most sick people. For example, most patients wonder if there hope in the chance that they have cancer. The content will thus incorporate success stories of patients who have been cured of such illnesses. According to Handley, the best way to come up with right content is by conducting a survey. The followers should be able to avail the best form of media through which they want the content to be presented (26). In brief, content should be created as per the wish of the community members.

  1. When and how are you going to develop the content?

To answer the question adequately, I will first analyze the already existing marketing strategy the firm is suing. I will then incorporate the use of free resources through social media campaigns. The success of the efforts will be determined by the increased turnout of patients.

  1. Where are you going to publish?

A lot of focus will be put on the Facebook platform as well as blog posts.

  1. Interview Luminaries

I will have a primary focus on two individuals, the CEO so that they can assure the target audience of the services the firm offers, and one patient who have been cured through services available in the institution.

  1. Monitor Social Media Keywords

The target audience will be availed with all current information and any innovations in the medical field.

  1. Trawl Industry News

According to Handley, the timely information allows a firm to boost its sales (74). To get the attention of the target audience more than what the competitors do, I intend to be the first person to be up-to-date with trends.

  1. Create How-To Content

The bottom line of this aspect is simple, assisting and availing hope to the customers will reflect some levels of credibility and reliability.

  1. Handley advises that those who manage the social media come up with the right content by identifying, sharing, and selecting the relevant content for any subject (86). I will ensure that the social media I will use will have a perfect blend of content that is pertinent to the company’s policies, goals, and focus.