Diversity in the workplace
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Diversity in the workplace
Diversity is not all in the difference of ethnicity and gender and race as view by most people. Diversity is the human qualities that differ from ours and the community we belong but exists to other groups outside where we belong. It affects motivation, performance, interaction, and success with the people. It encourages teamwork between employees. Diversity and its effect affect the business, the customers, the internal operation suppliers, and other stakeholders in the business environment business, the global business and other conditions of working that require interaction.
Business environment
In order to grow business entrepreneurs should seek to create a good and favorable environment for trade. This is by ensuring they make the legislation clear, fund access, supporting other business networks, developing a culture in entrepreneurship and other effective aspects. This promotes the social responsibilities which result in making the business more attractive. Moreover, diversity stretches more in the global business by transacting across the national borders; they satisfy the objectives of individuals, organizations, and companies (Barak, 2016). A clear way of defining global business is the franchising, licensing and managing contracts internationally. It requires broadness in diversity as there are increased numbers of firm faces to associate with.
Implications to industries and its effect
Business requires people with different skills and wide experience. Individuals with different backgrounds have different skills. They chip in ideologies that can help grow the business. The cultures they establish while together can benefit the company grow (Jackson & Aparna, 2011). Employing people from diverse backgrounds can open taps into the market that were not earlier realized.
Lessons learned

  • Engage in learning other cultures.
  • Master other cultural languages.
  • Continuously appreciate our action to people around us.
  • Have the capacity to reflect on our own culture.

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