America is considered to be the only superpower since the fall of the Soviet Union at the end of World War II. The 2016 election is of dire importance not only to the USA but also to the rest of the world. The elected president will be the commander in chief of the world largest army where his decisions are expected to be rational. There have been many controversies in this election in particular with the two leading presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Key Words:  North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for the presidential candidacy where his campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” Not only is he solemnly funding his campaign, but he is also considered the most controversial candidate in America history. Most people refer to him as a potential racist and irrational thinker due to his remarks on society welfare. Others consider him as a courageous leader who is not afraid to challenge key issues that cripple down American progress.
Trump believes that for America to be great again, it needs to do away with externalities, which are a potential threat. These depict building a high wall on the southern border and make the Mexican government pay for its construction. He believes that the Mexican administration sends criminals and unproductive working population forcefully into the United States. According to him, most of the Mexicans tend to be illegal immigrants who bring to the USA their problems and criminal tendencies.
Trump further advocates for the temporary ban of the Muslims whether they may have or not have terrorism ties. He further suggests an increase in surveillance in mosques as well as airports on every Muslim entering the country. Trump intensively insinuates to either bomb the ISIS and its assets or take away their oil as repayment. Most political analyst consider Trump’s components as purposeless and imbecilic regarding objectives and expenditures on the US budget.
As a result of being a Republican candidate, Trump is obliged to adapt to the traditional family system. Republicans believe a society to be free; there should be a family should be a foundation, which is between man and woman (Balliet et al., 2016). In the past, Trump has accepted gay marriages where he approved the marriage of musician Elton John to a man. In addition, after the Orlando gay club shootings, he said that he will protect his gay supporters from anti-gay Islamic radicals (Trump 2016).
Trump address on the issue of unemployment entails tackling critical matters relating to trade deals, social security, and tax cuts. Trump suggests for a revision of the NAFTA and TPP in an attempt to increase manufacturing jobs for the American citizens. Trump extensively states that the social security and retirement fund should remain untouched. Further, he notes that the Obama care should be replaced with a cheaper alternative. Finally, he notes that tax income cuts will relief the lower 60% of the working population from this burden. To achieve this, he will tax  the top 10% more than they currently pay.
Hillary Clinton
Hilary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for the presidential candidacy where her campaign slogan is ‘Hilary for America.’ She has been in the government for 31 years thus the reason as to why her campaign is heavily based policy proposals. The proposals are an improvement of the Obama administration policies trajectories on national and foreign policies platforms. Her major controversies have been in regards to emails about the external funding of the Clinton Foundation.
Hilary core campaign elements revolve on creating a fair justice system, which is not prone to racial discrimination. She focuses on resolving issues on gender and inequality especially in the case of women discrimination in the society (Oxley 2016). Such equity is further to be involved in primary education of children, healthcare policies, and employment opportunities. Clinton advocates for a revision in guns laws, workers’ rights, right to vote, Wall Street reforms, and social security.
Hilary believes in the global corporation to fight the ISIS, such as supporting the local Arab and Kurdish forces. Clinton believes in diplomatic means to solve the Syrian war and Iraqi conflicts, which are the main cause of the emergence of ISIS. She believes in the hardening of home forces as well as a global corporation in the case of Europe to fight jihadists. Her policies focus on keeping military weapons off the streets and halting the sale of ammunition to suspected terrorist.
In regards to the matter of immigration, Clinton states that once appointed president, she will provide reforms to offer full and equal citizenship. The immigration laws will be more human and considerate on offering asylum for refugees. Immigrants who pose a threat to the wellbeing of the entire society will be detained or deported to their home countries. To achieve this Hilary will create a national office for immigrants with a federal funding of $15 million.
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