Dory Company Progress Overview
Progress of the Company
Dory Company Limited is a well known IT services provider by professional. Our mission is to provide high-quality and most reliable web-based applications about the traditional software frameworks to our bestowed customers. Our company consists of employees who are not only top graduates in their respective classes but also young and flexible making it more efficient. We offer high-quality consultant services that any organization or individual can rely on. We are an honest company that employs honest employees to the right things the right way.
The company has used working strategies that help in advertising the company and its services so as to increase the number of clients (American Management Association, 2009). The company has designed ads and adverts and posted them on different web pages that are frequently visited and in blogs as well. All our strategies focus on helping more clients and providing quality services by employing competent employees in their fields. In past few services, we have had feedback comments from the customers concerning our services. Their ratings are encouraging as all are above 5 out of 10, and the comments give hope for a better future of the company.
Current Position
Currently, the company has an added advantage since its competitors are not as established as they are. They are also not very popular, and this is termed as strength. Qualified and competent employees are also an additional advantage. However, the company has weaknesses that hinder its success. These are the unwillingness of employees to work full time since the enterprise does not have a good flow of clients and lack of many people in need of IT services. The software may also take long before it is updated due to lack of feedbacks from customers who give direction on areas to improve. Besides, there are opportunities that the company can exploit and get more returns like offering training courses on IT. The presence of a lot of information on the internet is a threat to the enterprise. According to (Jenster & Hussey, 2001), the above SWOT analysis will help to determine the current position of the company.
Future of Company
In order to save the future of the company, the company is doing extensive research on the immediate competitors so as to find out what they do and improve on their services to attract more customers and compete favorably in the market. Besides, the weaknesses will be solved and threats catered. The company has minimal debts and is intending to keep it at that. From the market shifts by the end of the 1st year, Dory Company expects to see improved profit margins. As it explores the new market segment, more growth is expected. However, the company also expects lower earnings as we take the shift. As the company grows and takes advantages of the scales of the economy, we approximate that we will have increased overall profit margins and we will reduce the marginal cost.
The company’s overall business growth has been at about 9.5%. It means that the Atlanta area business has been booming and that the level of business growth is approximated to escalate in the next five years. The main reason for the market growth is the North American free trade agreement which eliminated the boundaries of trade throughout the country. As such, the business has taken advantage of such an opportunity to even expand further into more attractive regions.
Ethical Legal and Social Challenges

  1. Institutions, Residents, businesses and the general public that own adjacent properties, give the company pressure (In Ringe, & In Huber, 2015). The not in my backyard is also giving the company a lot of pressure. It has curtailed various intended constructions and developments.
  2. The generational gap is also quite challenging to the company. Millennial with different perspectives and ethics from those of the older generations make it quite difficult to manage the employees.
  3. Government regulations and rules like requirements of the permit and licensing law. These permits are costly and cause delays as contractors have to wait for inspections.
  4. We still face the disputes as well as claims. We have focused on resolving such issues before they escalate.

Global Considerations
The Company aims at expanding and become worldly recognized firm. In respect to this goal, the company has the opportunity of increasing clients as there are industries and machines introduced and discovered every day, which require the services it offers (Seltz, 2009). There is also a probability of more people getting to know the company as the number of individuals using the internet and accessing web pages increase every day. The company will be providing both written and audio means to provide a variety to the customers. Such factors may cause the expansion of the company into the global market.
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