PREAMBLE Dr Shirley “Shirl” Lock-Holmes was extremely impressed with our computing firm’s – Moriarty Technologies – development of The Steam Age Emporium’s Database Management System (DBMS) utilising Microsoft Access and Decision Support System (DSS) utilising Microsoft Excel (Assignment 1). Dr Lock-Holmes realises that the business has a lot to learn and that the business will need to invest considerable money to bring the business into the modern online business world, from their current single computer mail order set-up. Dr Lock-Holmes has contracted our firm to advise the business on how they can grow their mail order business into a cutting-edge online presence. The business has asked us to develop a report to provide them with information about the following topics that they see as key to their business growth: 1. What Information Technology Strategies should the Business consider to obtain / retain competitive advantage in their marketspace? (Use Baltzan et al Chapters 1 & 9 Section 2 – Business Information Systems / Enterprise Information Systems: SCM to assist you in answering this topic) 2. What type of hardware and software, including networking infrastructure and/or a combination of cloud services, should the business acquire and/or procure to expand their capabilities to meet their new e-business initiative? (Use Baltzan et al Chapter 5 – Technical Fundamentals to assist you in answering this topic) 3. What would be the benefits to the business of implementing a customer relationship management system? (Use Baltzan et al Chapter 10 Section 1 –Enterprise Information Systems: CRM to assist you in answering this topic) 4. What issues should the business be aware of when embarking on a social media presence? (Use Baltzan et al Chapter 11 Section 2 – Social Media to assist you in answering this topic)