Editing Exercise
Writing has always being a problem for me. As a result, teachers and parents constantly preach to me on its importance. Well, I don’t believe them and neither should you. Nowadays, the main pressure is getting a job, which is dependent on a person’s education. To be educated, you must have money, which I don’t.  So, where does that leave me and a lot of my friends? In the lurch. Currently, proper communication skills are a must. I have to be able to communicate my ideas with my bosses because without being able to express good ideas, no one ever gets ahead, and this is what I want. Writing and speaking are forms of communication. Being able to articulate oneself is a direct reflection of a person’s writing skills because they are related. Reading is also an integral part of the equation. Good writers read a lot. Consequently, constant reading of professionally written material influences how you write. In addition, writing on a constant basis and proofreading aloud always influence your ability to articulate your thoughts clearly. Hence, not only is writing important to success in corporate America, reading and speaking are equally essential.