What you want to do is not possible. If I’m right, you’ll want to look at all of the course’s stylistic aspects in Eliot’s novel, and just take on the structure I had planned for the course. This is not just too much content for housework, but also unfocused and potentially cursory in such a context. Basically, housework can not possibly have more than 4 or 5 chapters divided into subsections. What you are looking for is a list whose contents are all at the same argumentative hierarchical level.
What is missing from the work is a real argument to align the structure of the work. Their “thesis statement” is not a working hypothesis, but a completely uncontroversial observation appropriate to any literary text. Your task is first to select from the many methodological options that were addressed in the course and to develop a real question on this basis.
I will upload the paper I handed in and you can see for yourself it is not a paper outline.
I will also upload all the material we got from the professor during the seminar. You will find these under the category ‘class work’ in the additional materials section.