Ethics Case Study- Public Leadership
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Ethics Case Study- Public Leadership
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. manufactures drugs in the US and distributes them locally and internationally (, 2017). The company’s code of ethics was formulated by the company’s board of directors to aid AMAG and its subsidiaries’ employees, officers, directors, consultants and contractors (“Covered Persons”) in making legal and ethical decisions in the daily running of the company (AMAG, 2015; 2016). Among the general themes that involve the conduct of employees include: conflicts of interest- employees are allowed to engage in activities outside the company, only if  these activities do not get in the way of their duties to the company; Obedience to laws, regulations and rules – employees are prohibited from undertaking any unlawful duties while carrying out the company’s assigned duties; Proper use and Safeguarding of company’s Assets- employees are required to safeguard the assets of the company entrusted to them; Corporate Prospects- employees have a duty to the company to advance its genuine business interests if a chance to do so comes about; Confidentiality- employees cannot disclose any confidential information that may be used to harm the company; Fair Dealing- employees are required to compete vigorously but lawfully with competitors; Accuracy of Records- employees dealing with accounting are expected to accurately record all transactions; Gifts and Entertainment- employees are expected to receive and give reasonable gifts so that they are not misinterpreted as inappropriate; Discrimination and Harassment-employees must accommodate and treat everyone fairly regardless of race, sex and ethnicity; and Health and Safety-employees are expected to serve the company while sober i.e. free from the influence of drugs (AMAG, 2016).
From careful reading through the document, it becomes clear that it is clearly written with the document providing examples of such cases that may constitute violations of the various sections the code is subdivided into. For instance, the code stipulates that, conflicts of interest can sometimes arise when a covered person’s immediate family gets a personal benefit resulting from their position in AMAG. Clarity of language used is easy to follow and can easily be understood by all levels of employees. Some of the subtopics are narrowly covered like accuracy of records since they require little explanation while others like Interactions with the Government are broadly covered since they require detailed explanation. In the codes, there exist high moral standards, since employees are required to conform to the highest ethical standards of treating everyone equally without discrimination, trade fairly in the market, and record every transaction truthfully as well as deal honestly with government representative. Fairness, equality and honesty are virtues that are regarded as highly moral. From this it can be said that the code stays true to the company’s mission which is to aim higher in devoting themselves to finding new ways to support the health of patients (amag, 2016). However, it also includes the company’s social responsibility which is stipulated in the form of Political Contribution, Discrimination & Harassment as well as Health and Safety.
If these codes of conduct are not adhered to, disciplinary measure will be determined by the board of directors including but not limited to counselling, reprimands, probations, warnings, demotion, suspension, reduction of salary and termination of employment (AMAG, 2016). This code is strictly for the company’s employees, officer, directors, consultants and contractors and has not been stipulated for outside stakeholders and investors. The tone of the document is customized to be in line with the company’s mission. This is seen by the fact that most of the conduct rules pertain to how the company employees should relate to different societal members like local consumers, international consumers, political institutions, stakeholders and the government. By lawfully adhering to this code of ethics, the company is able to lawfully and morally devote their passion and perseverance to finding new and better ways of supporting the health of patients.
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