1. USA Contract to Latin America

Corruption is a vice that not only erodes moral values but also eats away at the soul.  With attention to this, I will not make the bribery deposit in the ministry’s general Swiss account. Basically, this will lead to severe inequality as I will be robbing the citizens who will end up paying for this machinery while enriching the ministry’s general.
Moreover, corruption will cripple the economy of that country as this bribery will encourage more corruption even in the contract been pursued. In addition, since the product is high quality the chances of winning the contract are high and there is no need to bribe the general. Finally, having dealt with the same government before through assistance from the local accountant, I already have a credible relationship and better chance of winning the contract.

  1. Family Friendly Program

Bill’s complaints are valid. Single employees are discriminated upon due to the assumption that they do not have much responsibility at home. Thus, they are subjected to a lot of work and more shifts than the employees with children.
Despite the undue family friendly program hardships on single employees, there are a number of ways that the employer can make the workplace better. Notably, the employer can provide a flexible work and leave schedule. Simply, all workers will have a chance to schedule their duty around the standard working hours. Employees can decide to start their duties earlier than expected or to complete them later in the day.
Alternatively, employees with supervisory approval can be granted chances to carry their work at home. In addition, employees together with their immediate family members can be given professional counseling for whichever problem they are facing. Consequently, this will bring down the hardships faced by single employees.

  1. Negotiations with an African Country

Expressively, duty and honor have to surpass all. That is to say, I will choose the Harvard-trained partners who are nationals rather than the lawyer to represent me. In essence, this will enable me to separate politics and business. To explain, it will be morally wrong to have a member of the legislature as a representative. Arguably, the lawyer will put his/her government’s ambitions first before my company’s.
Due to political dynamics, assuming he/she is not popular in the legislature will mean that my company will be unfairly judged by the legislators. Comparatively, the two national Harvard scholars with no political affiliations will act differently by putting business interests first rather than politics. Hence, I will get a better deal and sound arguments from them for the legislature to ponder upon.

  1. Cultural Issues: Women’s Rights at Work

Evidently, the world has revolutionized since the middle ages. Today, women play an immensely big and vital role in all economies of the free world. Hence, as Julie’s manager, I will politely  try and reason with the Big Oil Executives by holding a small informal meeting. To clarify, will show them what they will gain from our company. That is, signing the deal with our bank will ensure big financial backing which will guarantee a stimulus growth in their company.
Further, they will have a better standing with other prospective companies in the USA since they will have shown tolerance of cultural differences. Basically, their acceptance to discuss issues with a woman will be a show of respect and tolerance to a different culture. On my part, I will guarantee them as a show of good faith that Julie will also compromise some of her ideals by putting on a long dress and a hijab. Certainly, they will not jeopardize this lucrative venture due to avoidable cultural differences.

  1. Liberal Leave Policy for Emergencies

Notably, liberal leave policy, in this context means giving an employee a day off from work due to unavoidable circumstances such as family emergencies. In light of this, it is prudent to advise the management if an employee has family emergencies concerning a sick child. However, this must not be misconstrued to mean that the employee is not serious with work. Simply, it means that the management should find alternatives that best relieve the situation. For instance, the employer may give more accommodative work shifts to the sick child’s parent. Additionally, the worker should not be given lesser shifts that have lesser pay. Ideally, management can agree with the worker that missed working hours can be compensated through working extra hours or deducting it from the annual mandatory leave days for all employees.

  1. Examination Cheating

It is the moral responsibility of any student to report any form of cheating to the Office of Academic Integrity. In addition, it is the duty of all students to comply with examination rules and protocols which have been put as a safeguard for students’ best interests. In essence, it is the student’s responsibility to observe rules put in place by Academic Integrity Policy (AIP). Basically, some of the rules put in place by AIP are:

  1. Students must refrain from having any form of discussions in the exam room.
  2. There should be not sharing of written materials with other students.
  • Students should not have any written material in the exam room.

Notably, the above regulations are there to ensure that all students have an equal and fair chance of attaining their true grades. Furthermore, examination cheating causes a mockery of the education system. In addition, this leads to quack professionals entering the job market.
Finally, without a doubt, the student should have turned the cheaters in because they are violating the school rules. Furthermore, making penalties for cheaters less severe will only make cheaters bolder. Therefore, reducing the penalties for cheaters can exponentially increase their number.
Ethics are the building blocks for a sound living of the human race. In essence, this is what brings about equality of all people from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture. Hence, it is imperative to uphold and safeguard it in order to have peace and harmony.