The Take-Away
A take away that captures my attention is the fact that Europe is still the most connected region yet there are signs of disintegration. It is a remarkable feat that Europe is ahead of North America which is subsequently followed by East Asia and the Pacific. Surprising is the fact that North America is slightly behind Europe in this indexing considering its educational and technological capabilities. The lead by Europe is attributed to the fact that many wealthy and powerful countries are in close proximity and their diversities are being controlled by the European Union. More to that, it has been estimated that about 70% of the trade, capital, information and the flow of people within Europe takes place within Europe itself (Chemawat, 2016). All these in place should form the basis of why Europe still needs to remain integrated and prevent the collapse of the European Union.
According to the global connected indexing, countries, and continents are ranked on the ability of cross border flows in terms of trade capital information and people. Going beyond continents and getting specifically to countries, the Netherlands has been ranked as the most connected country still remaining number 1 in the GCI (DHL, 2016).It is to no surprise that this country is ranked number 1 considering its proximity to other developed and technologically advanced countries such as Germany, France, Belgium etc. and the fact that it is a European country. According to CEO of the Netherlands post-DHL group, the main driver of progress has been globalization. Furthermore, as per, the Netherlands may be regarded as a gateway to Europe considering the logistic infrastructure and its location.
The fact that the Netherlands is regarded as number 1 according to the GCI is a matter of intrigue. It can, therefore, lead to the question as to how globalization and industrialization are measured.
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