Critical literature review
Literature Key Question or area of focus: “Evaluating the effective role of Online/Digital marketing in SMEs”.
Note! Based on the key question its necessary to evaluate and critically analyse all aspects of online/digital marketing on how its effective in SMEs. How, why and what?
Note! Read all the below instructions and Marking criteria section as it provides the needed guidance and help which is required to structure on how to write this literature.  (red colour highlights means highly important to keep in mind).

  1. It is expected that your literature review will broadly achieve the following:
  • Within the introduction section we would expect you to explain the area of focus, highlight key question(s) your review will explore and show how the focus links to your project and course. In addition, you should establish the context for your chosen area and

its significance and finally explain your literature review structure.

  • The literature review should
  • Give a synthesis of current views
  • Identify relationships between different ideas
  • Distinguish the theory development that has been undertaken in your chosen area and highlight gaps in knowledge or work that still needs to be done.
  • Be written using linking language to take the reader clearly from one argument to another
  • You may also wish to consider:
  • Identifying the main methodologies and research techniques that have been used to research your area
  • Placing the research in a historical context
  • The conclusions should summarise the key points you have established, show how far you have answered your question(s) and suggest where further research could usefully be done.

Marking Criteria (very important to keep in mind while writing)
The review will be marked according to how well you have met the following five criteria:
Demonstrates an understanding of appropriate theoretical concepts
An indication of what is being looked for: the student effectively establishes the context for and significance of the issue and clearly identifies and understands the body of theory that is relevant for the subject under study. It is not necessary to present all theories, concepts and models in full detail, rather the student should summarise the key areas and should assume that the reader is familiar with this material. The student should endeavour to present a reasoned case for why certain theories/models etc. are included/not included.
Demonstrates an ability to evaluate the literature and synthesise
An indication of what is being looked for: An analytical and evaluative review which compares and contrasts differing schools of thought and assesses them to develop and interrelate concepts, reflecting the student’s own perspective. Arguments are well balanced and connections between concepts are demonstrated through the production of an appropriate conceptual framework.
Uses of a wide range of relevant literature
An indication of what is being looked for: The student uses a wide range of relevant literature to effectively support arguments and which provides a clear framework for exploring the topic area. This literature is assessed in a way which demonstrates an awareness of ‘accepted’ thinking in addition to current problems and new insights in the subject area.
The extent to which the review is coherent with a clear ‘voice’ and sense of direction
An indication of what is being looked for: The review is very readable; professionally written with a consistent, coherent structure and a balanced and clear line of argument. There is no repetition or source of confusion.
Presentation and referencing
An indication of what is being looked for: The work is consistently and clearly formatted, and it ties together tightly as one complete document. Harvard referencing is accurate throughout.
This assignment is a literature review based on (Digital Marketing) module and this literature needs to be written in (Harvard Style). The study focuses on ” Evaluating the effective role of Online/Digital marking in SMEs”. This assignment requires advance critical writing so i need a professional hight quality writer based on this module or field of study or subject who as written such papers before for masters level. This assignment is critical literature review, which is clearly explained on briefs which i have provided so i need utmost attention to details from writer. i want to hear from experienced qualified writers within this field, i would like to know briefly how would they approach this task.
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