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Exponential Functions Unit Assignment
DROPBOX: Exponential Functions Unit Assignment
Communication (6 Marks)
The following questions are to be answered with full solutions. Be sure to focus on proper
mathematical form, including:
One equal sign per line
Equal signs in each question lined up vertically with each other
No self-developed short form notation
One step or idea per line (do not do steps in your head that are not written down; each
line must represent a step-by-step progression from question to answer)
If you use a graphing calculator or a graphing program to help in solving any of these
problems, you must include evidence (either a screen printout or a picture) of the work
you’ve done using technology.
Knowledge & Understanding (29 Marks)
1. Determine the exact value of . (3 each)
2. Solve: (5 marks)
3. Transform the graph of to sketch . Show table of
values and each transformation clearly to get full marks. (15 marks)
Thinking and Application (40 Marks)
1. The plutonium isotope Pu-239 is a radioactive material. The half-life of plutonium
isotope Pu-239 is 24 360 years. If 10 grams of plutonium were released in nuclear
accident, how long will it take for the 10 gram to decay to 1 gram? Round off your
answer to the nearest year. (8 marks)
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2. A bacteria culture doubles in size every 20 min. How long will it take for a culture of 50
bacteria to grow to a population of 250 000? (8 marks)
3. Given the equation , state the domain, range, -intercept(s), –
intercept(s) and asymptote(s). (7 marks)
4. The temperature of a cooling liquid over time can be modeled by the exponential
function , where is the temperature in degrees Celsius,
and is the elapsed time in minutes. Graph the function and determine how long it
takes for the temperature to reach 28°C. What was the initial temperature? (7 marks)
5. You have learned about quadratic and linear function in earlier grades. Explain in a
variety of ways how you can distinguish the exponential function from the
quadratic function and linear function . (Hint: compare the rate
of change using finite differences in tables of values; identify a constant ratio in the
table of values). (10 marks)
Assessment OF: This assignment will be evaluated for a grade or mark that will contribute to your overall final mark in this course.