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Family and Consumer Science
The family is the backbone of every society. Actually, the kind of household that a person grew in influences their character and the manner that they interact with other individuals in the society. In order for a person to become loving and caring about others, it is paramount for him/her to experience similar attributes at home. In light of this, the society and the government should develop laws that promote and advocate for the establishment of a strong and inclusive family set up.
The class discussions on family and social issues were enlightening. To begin, discussion on lone-parents gave me insight on the importance of family. Overly, I realized that family assistance and communication influence the behavior of children and the unity in the homestead. Basically, if a lone-parent is neglected by his/her home because of a child, they feel abandoned. On the same vein, his/her children do not have relatives whom they may visit. In light of this, it is important for families of work as a team and share in the responsibility of taking care of children. In general, they can assist in taking care of children by educating the lone parent and providing him/her with finances to buy essentials.
Further, I have also learned that stepfamilies are just like normal homes. Actually, the only difference is that the children do not share a similar biological parent. Noteworthy, I have also become aware that some negative stories that people say about stepfamilies, such as lack of unity, actually lead to their fragmentation. Generally, these stories are usually founded on rumors. In part, like all homesteads, stepfamilies often have squabbles, which are unfairly associated with a stressful relationship between the stepchildren and the parents. Consequently, there is always a need for personal communication to iron out these differences.
Although none of us knew of any person who has had an arranged relationship in Canada, most of us had read and researched about this topic. Notably, I learned that arranged marriages limit individuals rights of selecting a marriage partner whom they share similar preferences. Consequently, these relationships are always strenuous due to the social and behavioral differences among the couples. As a result, most societies that practiced this type of marriage are becoming more liberal by allowing their members to select their own life partners.
Indeed, these discussions have changed the way I think about the family as a social institution. After the discussions, I know see the importance of ensuring there is peace, sincerity, and love in my home. Basically, these attributes have a direct impact on how the members behave and relate with other people in the society. For instance, if there is distrust in the homestead, there is a high likelihood that my family members will have difficulty being loyal to strangers and non-family members. Moreover, a harmonious and peaceful home ensures that all family members feel comfortable sharing their opinions with each other. Effectively, this enables them to have the interest of each other at heart. In turn, these relationships result in a more cohesive and united family.
Importantly, these discussions made me learn positive and negative attributes about myself. I learned that I am caring and helpful, which is a positive attribute. Specifically, this attribute is proven by the way I work extra hard in order to assist my parents in paying school fees for my siblings. Nonetheless, I also learned that I am distant from most of my family members. Indeed, this is a negative character, which I am determined to change. For instance, I have stayed for over two years without visiting or calling my grandmother. Moreover, I rarely visit my parents. With this understanding, I have decided to build a stronger family relationship by constantly talking to my relatives. In general, I have decided to regularly make a visit to my parents every fortnight and to visit my grandmother after every two months. Overly, this constant communications and visits will result in more unity in my home.