Field Project
Finance 182
Fall Semester 2017
Updated 08.31.17
Student Name: ______________________________________ Date: ____________ ___, 2017
Attend a regularly scheduled public hearing at the local City Planning Commission, City Council,
or County Board of Supervisors and review one item on the Agenda involving the use of real
property. Listen carefully to the entire hearing, including the governing body’s final decision on
the matter. Pay close attention to the following: What the Applicant is requesting, the position
taken by the Planning Staff, position of elected officials, and the public comments regarding the
request. Form an opinion based on what you have heard whether or not the final action taken on
the matter is appropriate. Use this Public Hearing Questionnaire to collect information, obtain input, and gain insight on how land use policy is implemented at the local levels of government.
Governmental Body: Kerman Planning Commission
Date of Hearing: October 09, 2017.
Agenda Item Title: Conditional Use Permit 17-05, A-1 Detailing and Car Wash 14960 W.E. Street, and Conditional Use Permit 17-06, La Estrella Motel 566 S. Madera Avenue
Application Type & Agenda Item Number: Conditional Use Permit 17-05, and Conditional Use Permit 17-06.
Property Description & Address: La Estrella Motel 566 S. Madera Avenue, The property is a 10 roomed motel that has a 24 hr office for the manager. It is located adjacent to a store with 27 parking lots. The motel requires 14 lots, which it wants to have a CUP to use the store’s lots at night and a space that belongs to a garage.
Applicant’s Name: La Estrella Motel.
Did the Applicant Personally Present or was there a Representative: Represented by manager. Quality of Applicant’s Presentation (elaborate your opinion): In my opinion, the applicant’s presentation was solid. The applicant presented a good case indicating the reason as to why it needed the permit to use the parking slots. In particular, it stated that using parking lots that were behind the building would increase crime rate in the region. Further, it demonstrated that its use would not interfere with the operations of the adjacent store, as well as its commitment into improving the parking spaces.
Planning Staff Position (elaborate your opinion): Their position was appropriate since they considered that the store’s parking lots were unused during the night while the motel’s clients lacked enough space to leave their cars.
Public Support Comments: The public support was appreciative of the Commission’s positions.
Public Opposition Comments: There was no public opposition.
Final Action: The Commission granted the applicant the permit to use the “store’s” parking lot. It was also allowed to restructure the neighboring garage space into parking lot. Specific Vote: The Commission granted the applicant the Conditional Use Permit 17-05, A-1 Detailing and Car Wash 14960 W.E. Street, and Conditional Use Permit 17-06, La Estrella Motel 566 S. Madera Avenue.
Reaction to Vote (Applicant and Public): The applicant was happy about the ruling. He said that he would comply with the Commission’s decision. The public on its part reminded the applicant to strictly adhere to the county’s regulations on parking lots.
Other Comments, Elaboration from Above, and/or Questions by Student: Since the store operates during the day and the Motel operates at night, although the Commission did not explicitly state that this permit only applied, the context in which the case was presented implies that the CUP’s permit are limited based on time. Accordingly, the motel must ensure that its clients depart from the “store’s” lots by morning.