Question 1

  1. According to the architectural plans, the maximum width of the building is 8.150 meters. The width falls within the maximum allowable width designated for N2 areas by clause 1.4.5 which is 12m.The recommendation is outlined in clause 1.4.2 which deals with cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas.
  2. According to the plans, the building can be designed in the area. Clause 1.4.3 states that the building should be of either rectangular, square or L-shapes, or a combination of rectangular elements. From the plan, the building is a combination of 3 rectangular shapes and therefore no restriction.
  • Clause 1.4.4 limits the number of storeys to 2 and as such, the building is in a safe position with 0 storeys.So yes, the building can be designed
  1. The maximum width of the building is 8.150 meters. Therefore, the building falls within the maximum allowable width of 12.0 meters, as stipulated by clause1.4.5.
  2. The section A-A indicates that the height of the wall can be obtained from 12.450 – 9.750 which equals 2700mm, the maximum height as stipulated by clause 1.4.6.
  3. Clause 1.4.7 recommends that the maximum rafter overhang should be 750 mm.Acccording to the drawing plans and approximations, the overhang can be estimated by adding 380+250=630.The approximation falls within the required maximum.
  • The roof types recommended by clause 1.4.10 are: hip, gable.skillion.cathedral, trussed, pitched or any suitable combination. According to the plans of the building, the most suitable combination, according to the varying ridges and valleys, would be that of a gable, hip and pitched roofs. The cathedral roofing system is suitable for the patio.

Question 2
According to clause 4.1.2, the standards stipulates that the material to be used for the flooring system should be timber regardless of the species. Furthermore, the AS1684 outlines the practice design for timber floors but does not consider concrete anywhere. In line with designing the building, it is not possible to use this standard because the building has a concrete floor.
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Question 11

AS1684 table used
Timber stress grade
Span mm
Spacing mm
Single or continuous
span used for sizing?
(mm x mm)
Post (note: footing type 2)   F11 xxxx   xxxx  
Bearers     Unseasoned
Joist 5.3   Unseasoned
412 400 continuous  
Decking You will need to do a little
research (not in AS1684)
Australian Spotted gum     xxxx  

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