For this assessment item, you may choose from the following options.
1. Manual Writing, or
2. Web Writing, or
3. Speech Writing.
For each option, the word count is 1800–2000 words.
This assessment item is worth 30% of your final grade.
1. Manual
You may choose one of the two options below.
(a) A revised version of an existing manual that you believe is inadequate, or
(b) A new manual for a process or device (the device may be fictional if you wish).
If you elect to do Option (a), you should locate a manual or set of instructions that you believe needs to be revised.
Re-write the manual (or a portion of it, depending on the length of the original) in line with the guidelines and principles supplied in lectures and the associated recommended reading and/or your research.
You must include a commentary/critique of the original manual or instructions with your revised version to explain why you thought the original was deficient, and to outline the changes that you have made. The combined word count for revised manual and the commentary should be in the 1800–2000 word range. There is no set length for the commentary, but you will need enough words to explain your decisions, so allow somewhere between 800–1000 words for the commentary.
You may include some visuals with your revised manual or instructions. Note that the quality of the visuals is not assessable (i.e., there is no penalty for those who cannot draw).
If you choose Option (b), you should devise a manual for a process or device. The process may be anything that requires a set of instructions (previous students have written manuals on dog training and care, how to set up a room for a meeting or