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Forgiveness and Management
Student One
Falling short and offending others is part and parcel of life. Actually, there is nobody who is perfect, and as such you should not be ashamed when you offend individuals once in a while. Similarly, it is naïve and impractical not to expect been offended by your friends. In this case, you should have an open mind and accept that the offending people is not always that bad. Moreover, it is impossible for two individuals to have similar ways of thinking, desires, or virtues. Due to these shortcomings, your opinions, and actions or those of your friends will inevitably lead to disagreements once in a while. In light of this reality, the most important thing is to always find a mechanism through which you may always solve disagreements amicably.
On the same breath, it is important that you increase your level of restraint and tolerance, especially in the work environment. Basically, some policies passed by your seniors may be unfair to the juniors; however, you should have enough empathy and view these actions from the management side and their impacts on the overall organization performance. Nonetheless, you should be willing to compromise on matters that do not have that grievous impact on your life. Importantly, this will enable you to live comfortably with your friends and family.
Student Two
Your ability to tolerate offensive acts by individuals towards you is admirable. Actually, this ability to quickly forgive has an important role in enabling you to interact with everybody in the society amicably. Nonetheless, it is important that you should tell the offender of his/her offensive actions. Importantly, this will avoid a repeat of the same, moreover, it will give the offender important insight on the impact of his/her actions. Since most offences are not made on purpose, a discussion is appropriate to solve issues that may lead to disputes. Further still, during the discussion you may have a good opportunity to ask your friends or workmates on areas you may have accidentally wronged them. In light of this, the discussion will help both of you solve any underlying issues and result in lasting forgiveness for various offences.