1. Introduction                                2
  2. Location  2
  3. Ground Condition                 3
  4. Foundation 3
  5. Building System                                                                                                                         4
    • House Type plan           4
    • External Wall type                                                                                                             4
    • Ground Floor Slab                                5
    • Partition                                                             5
    • First Floor                                5
    • Roof                                                                                    5
  6. Conclusion 6


  1. Introduction

The proposal includes the construction of a residential house which will consist four bedrooms. The climatic conditions are key for these considerations. The house rents and land factors keep on appreciating each year. This is a key reason why one should be able to own his or her own piece of land and have the residential home one it. This means that one will be able to save a lot of money which is used for rental purposes to cater for other expenses. In addition, having a residential home for own, is a great asset which will not depreciate at any moment. The home asset is perfect for the family since it enhances the growth and development of properties, the asset is perfect and the time when the land is appreciating at a high rate.

  1. Location

The preferred location of the house will be in North Carolina and more specifically on Atlantic coast. This place will be able to offer the preferred coastal climate which will be able to enhance high-class lifestyle. Moreover, this location is preferred due to the existing mountains which are able to offer shielding effects of the low temperature and Midwest storms. The coastal nature of climate on this location will be perfect to suit different needs at the area. In addition, this location is not prone to storms due to the mountain which act as barriers to the areas. This offers one of the secure area to build a house and enhance its nature. Moreover, the weather is favourable since the location has humid subtropical climate This climatic condition is favourable to live within and therefore prompting the construction of the house on this area. In addition the precipitation in the area is enough to support different activities. Moreover, all the QSSefour seasons are experienced through the year meaning it is a perfect place to live. The snow features on the mountains and cyclones are some of the key features which make the climatic conditions in this region attractive. The cyclones are able to bring warm air to the area and therefore offering perfect climatic conditions in this area. This will enhance the livelihood on the location and therefore a major reason for choosing to construct the house on this area.

  1. Ground

The ground conditions at this location include unstable ground which need to be considered a lot during the design stage. This will able to enhance the consideration of the earth pressure and soil pressure which is available on the location. Also, the ground location will be key to ensure that the proper depth is achieved for a stable foundation. The ground conditions have to be considered for any salt water which might be available on the ground. This will ensure that the conditions of the materials used are able to withstand the effects of the salty water. This will be able to enhance the duration of the structure which are affected by this factor. Material selection will be key to ensure that the materials are able to withstand such conditions. Moreover, the conditions on the ground are able to enhance the different design aspects. The foundation needs to be strong and this is able to depend on the ground conditions. In addition, considering the coastal location area, the sandy soils will be present at many locations. This is key for the design aspects of the house. The works undertaken as part of the investigation involved drilling 2No. boreholes to depths of 15m and 13.5m, 7No. windowless sampler boreholes to depths of between 0.7m to 3.8m, 4No. dynamic probes to depths of between 4m to 7m, installation of groundwater monitoring wells within three windowless sampler boreholes and 1 within the western borehole.

  1. Foundation

For the residential home, the foundation needs to be stable to support the construction and also stand for long. A strong foundation is required to ensure that the house is able to spend many years in its state. Considering the location, the coastal location shows that deeper foundation will be designed until a stable ground is reached. In addition, the sandy location means that foundations such as pad foundations will be ideal for the house. As following guidance given Building Regulation, Approved Document A.In this case, the foundation will be excavated to the location when it is considered safe to ensure that the stability of the house is achieved. The analysis of the foundation will depend on the two-storey nature of the house. The house will raise up to the first floor forming the two-storey apartment. This will ensure that the foundation design will be able to offer the required stability of the building. Although it might seem expensive, it will be ideal to have this foundation, which will be able to last for long for this house. This will be able to cut any cost which may result from the foundation failure. The foundation failures are critical since they will be able to lead to the fresh construction of the whole house. The pad foundation will be able to offer this needed stability and ensure that the house is able to last for the required time. Moreover, any other critical foundation, which can be able to support the stability of the house, will be appreciated to ensure that it meets the economic status and the stability issues.

  1. Building system

5.1 House Type plan
A master unsuited bedroom house will be the preferred choice of the house.  The house will have two bedroom sections on the ground floor and a master unsuited bedroom and a normal bedroom on the first floor. In terms of the building systems for the house, I would prefer to get a contractor and the architect separately. The architect will be able to monitor the contractor while carrying out the construction works for the house. The architect will be responsible for the designs and be able to bear the risks which are related with the same. On the other hand, the contractor will be able to bear the risks which are related to the construction works. The house will be able to move up to the first floor and offer different amenities in it. This will help to create a perfect house which will be able to enhance the living standards on this location.
5.2 External Wall type
Brick/block cavity wall construction will be used for external wall. This will be composed of an external leaf of 102.5mm thick brickwork a separating air cavity of a 50mm wide and an inner leaf of 100 mm thick concrete block and finished with 13mm plaster internal the U value for this type of wall is 1.0W/m2 K,       as information given Building Regulation, Approved Document A.
5.3 Ground floor slab
On the ground floor, we will have a suspended precast concrete slab finished with 75mm reinforced sand and cement screed laid on 50mm solid insulation and 1200 gauge Dpm.
5.4 Partitions
The internal non-loadbearing walls will be timber partition with plasterboard each side plus 50mm quilt insulation between habitable rooms to achieve 40 Db this can also be achieved by having 15mm soundboard on timber or metal partition.(no insulation required for this system)
No load bearing wall will be required.
5.5 First Floor
The first floor will be constructed with timber Joists (Solid or boarded web) laid on Block walls at 600 centres.
5.6  Roof
We will be having a warm pitched roof constructed of timber rafters 100mmx50mm at 450mm centres, purlins 150mmx75mm, struts 75x75mm internally finished with 100mm rigid insulation between rafters and 500gauge VCL and fireline plasterboard in case we want to have a room in the loft. The insulation will help to prevent condensation as. BS 5250: Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings, BS EN ISO 13788: Hydrothermal performance of building components and building elements. The external will be finished with an underlay, tiling battens 38×25 to hold the tiles, interlocking concrete tiles.

  1. Conclusion

The four bedroom house is designed for rental propose, there have been used standard systems for construction of walls ,floors and ceilings to minimize the cost .