It is a concept that many people around the world are continually embracing. However, the concept of make-up and fragrance has been founded on the need to feel as well as look good. Fragrance is made up of a mixture of chemicals which are used to provide a pleasant odor, cover the smell that comes from certain substances and provide a beautiful experience to the user. On the other hand, make up refers to the cosmetics that are used by individuals in order to change or improve the appearance. However, the chemicals and substances used in these two have proven that the concept is a lie.
To begin with, the idea that either the skincare or the haircare product should smell nice is founded on a lie. Cosmetic products do not smell nice at all and this necessitates the use of fragrance. Therefore, fragrance can be termed as a marketing strategy. People in the cosmetic world do not really care about the well-being of the consumer. Most people will prefer cosmetic products with fragrance and therefore, products having a nice aroma will affect the purchasing decisions of the consumer.
Secondly, fragrance has a disastrous effect on the skin of the user. All this has been understood by the users of cosmetic products but the sense of taking care of oneself is clouded by appearance. Research has shown that the scent produced when a cosmetic product is used is because of a volatile reaction between the skin and the fragrance. As such, fragrance has a sensitizing effect on the skin and moreover, may cause other serious skin damages. Many users would not understand this because the skin may not easily show signs of damage until a later time when the condition is really bad.
As with the use of make-up, the same lies that are used to bring out humongous returns in fragrance are also used. Most people would want to look younger, more attractive and beautiful and so on. However, using make up products may have long term negative effects on the skin as well as the appearance of an individual. One of the main substances that is used in make-up products is formaldehyde. Formadelhyde is a known carcinogen and leads to both bodily as well as skin harm. Notwithstanding, the substance may also lead to cancer. Furthermore, traces of lead, a carcinogen that was banned from paint and gasoline, has been found in some make up products such as lipstick. All that stated, these make up products will enhance the appearance of an individual, concealing his/her true appearance but in the long run, there will be consequences.
As such, it can be concluded that the idea of makeup and fragrance is a lie. Fragrance is used in cosmetic products to enhance the odor and appeal to the user and all this is focused on the industry’s profitability. Therefore, the profitability of the industry comes at the expense of the user. Reaction with the skin will be noticed after some time and as such, the user will incur additional expenses in treatment. On the other hand, makeup is used to conceal the appearance of an individual, either by altering or enhancing it. However, these make up products may contain  formaldehyde which are carcinogenic. The appearance will be altered but eventually, it may look worse when the effects start kicking in.