L’America by Gianni Amelio is a highly biting and severely moving film and drama illustrating how the downtrodden of society, under the commotion of political change as well as reorganization of power, are fated to undertake slight that shift from one exploitation type to another. In the movie, the scenario’s specifics are related to the collapse of communism in Europe. The events take place in 1991, and Albania has undergone through from the tough treatment of the hammer and sickle ( 2016). As a result, the people of Albania are both desperate and hungry. Most of the people have made they mind to make their way to Italy, with a hope of getting employment. In the events that lead to the movie, political rebels in Albania were incarcerated in different labor camps. Spiro Milkami, aged 70 years. He is feeble-minded, ironically not Albanian. However, he is an Italian farmer who left the army in the 1940s.  With time, he becomes the pawn in a scheme that is concocted by two Italian business personalities, that is, Gino and Fiore, who plan to purchase a certain show factory, with the help of a crooked business official, and establish a fraudulent company, which will permit to squeeze a fortune out of Albania’s economic anarchy. Amelio wants to point out abuse of power and humanity in the movie.
Like in most cases, the capitalism in Albania are using their position for their selfish gains and they are not concerned about the welfares of their people. In addition, they are squandering the available resources instead of using them for bettering the welfare and living standards of people. For example, selimi says that the Albanians are poor and they need capitalists Gino’s character displays his naïve confidence in entrepreneurial scheme, which they have brought in Albania. The squandering of resources that Fiore takes about to Selimi while suggesting all the numerous new homes that they could have been built with the cement squandered on bunkers along the road would perfectively represent the reverse of the selfish and corrupt capitalist scheme of Gino and Fiore that brought them to Albania. In fact, the ostentatious shoe firm they are promising to establish will likely be less noticeable and useful compared to the visible bunkers in the streets ( 2016). In addition, Fiore’s explanation of the Albanians plight can well be used in explaining Gino and Fiore’s quest  for grants to riches.  In this case, the two Italians are good examples of how corrupt attitudes, whether primarily communist or fascist, or whichever the social class or background, by its nature of being a human choice is difficulty to die (Escobar, “Viaggi in Italia” 73). From their talking, people may think that they are saddened by the affliction of the poor people in Albania, but rather they are seeking for a single opportunity to exploit the poor by using the few remaining resources for their own gain. For example, when arguing about how they could have used the wasted cement to build many houses for the homeless people in Albania, this is a high level of hypocrisy. Given an opportunity, they could use it to squander resources in Albania and use them for their own good. The author describes them as opportunists, who are ready to squander all the resources of the nation for their own good and live people to die.
Secondly, both Fiore and Gino go to Albania within an aim of establishing a shell shoe-manufacturing plan. This is a great fraud because they have to use dubious approaches and techniques to ensure that the nation ensure that the company is registered. In establishing the business, they want it to be a profitable tax shelter. In addition, they find it challenging for the registration of the firm to be registered and therefore they result to corrupt methods. for example, the collude with a corrupt official in the Albania government named Kruja, whom they turn into cross to ease  the bureaucratic wheels and receive the government approval for the establishment of the plant. Unsatisfied with other people who do not have cooperating families able to make claims, they search for Spiro, an old man who is orphan and has been in prison for fifty years.  They camouflage and sign him as the figurehead of the company. Afterwards they ensure that Spiro is out of all troubles and Fiore leaves Albania for Italy and leaves Gino in charge of the company. In this case, there is significant misuse of power (, 2016). To begin with, both Fiore and Gino have financial power, which they misuse to find their way out of any trouble even to the point of leaving other people to the mayhem they cause. To begin with, they use their financial power to corrupt a senior government official so that they can have their company registered. They should have followed the standard procedure of having a company registered in Albania but instead they misused they financial power to bypass all the steps and have the firm registered. On the other hand, Kruja is involved in the misuse of power. Instead of using his position in the government to serve the people and ensure that the government delivers its mandate to the people, he uses his position to ensure firms are registered illegally in Albania. In this case, he is portrayed as a corrupt officer, who is only concerned with his live and welfare than the welfare of his country. In addition, Fiore and Gino use their position to corrupt Spiro’s mind into thinking that he will become in charge of the shoe factory in Albania. Fiore and Gino duped Spiro that he will become the officer in charge of his operations but this was not true. Later, he comes to realize that he was used as an escape mechanism to ensure that the business was registered and could operate in Albania.
However, the theme of humanity is predominant in the firm, which teaches people that they should be mindful the living conditions of the people around them. To begin with, both Fiore and Gino intervened to ensure that Spiro was released from prison by the communist administration and was free of any form of danger whatsoever. They used both their financial power and political connections to ensure that Spiro was released from the prison and was free from any danger. Regardless of the many cases where the two misused their financial powers to find their ways out and in doing corrupt deals, in this case they used their influence in doing good. Spiro had been in prison for more than 50 years and their intervention and ensuring his safety was the best thing the two could do.
Secondly, shows a high level of humanity when he realizes that Spiro had disappeared from the nuns’ institution, where he had left him. At this point, Gino shows significant concern about the whereabouts of Spiro. He seems not settled with the escape and he is concerned that nuns’ institution may fall in a danger. Considering that, Spiro had been imprisoned for more than fifty years; want he wanted was to escape to check on his family that is Italy, many miles from Albania ( 2016). He searches for him, finds him, and takes him on a journey on the cost using a jeep. However, while they are in the middle in the return journey, Gino I lost. When he finds his way, he starts searching for Spiro again. After getting back to the car, he realizes that the car was stripped of its tires. The police he calls shows a lot of humanity because they respond immediately to the call. However, the main problem is communication since Gino also speaks Italian language and no police is able to understand this language. As a result, they just stare at him without understanding his language.
When Gino is stripped off all the riches that he has enjoyed for a long time, he becomes understanding and easily copes with the lives of the poor Albanians. While searching for Spiro, he is attacked and his clothes cash, car, and passport are stolen. From this point, h has to live the life of the normal poor Albanians, whom be exploited before his status changed. From this interactions, Gino gets to understand how money has little value money has in the outlying villages ( 2016). With no material possessions including clothes, cash and other possessions, he has to rely fully on generosity of the poor villagers in order to survive. In addition, he understands whom people can still sing and dance while surrounded by a plethora of social problems. Furthermore, he understands the value of sharing the small things that matter most in life instead of been lost in the quest for finding wealth even using dubious methods including corruption ( 2016). In the new community, people live because of their generosity and humanity. The value of sharing is not underestimated because people in this community survive through sharing the little they have.  This exposes Gino to understand the value of humanity instead of riding on people for selfish gains.
Misuse of power and humanity remains the two main issues evident in this film. For example, Gino and Fiore uses their financial power to corrupt a senior government official and ensure that the get an easy way to having their company registered in Albania. On the other hand, Kruja uses his position for personal gain instead of using the position to ensure equitable service delivery for the people of Albania. He is corrupted so that Gino and Fiore may have their shoe factory registered in Albania despite not meeting the set standards. On the other hand, significant humanity is evident in the movie especially when Gino is stripped off his material possessions. From then, Gino has to survive on people’s mercy and generosity. The poor villages are portrayed to have a high degree of humanity and this helps Gino to change his viewpoint about money. He realizes that money has no value compared to generosity and humanity.
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