1. Graph the performance trends of direct property, shares, A – REITs and bonds over this period; comment on relevant trends. Direct Property: as seen by the graph above, Direct property has an upwards curve trend. Australian direct property has its first decrease in year 8 which is December 1991, and this lasted till year 10 which is 1993. In year 2008 the Direct property faced another decrease for 1 year Shares: The graph outlines sharers were growing steadily from 1984 to 2002 before hitting a steep increase for 5 years. After 2002, another decrease occurred before a gradual increase every year after 2011. A-REITS: This diagram outlines A-Reits had an upwards trend up until after 2006 when it hit a significant drop for approximately 5 year. In 2011 an uptrend began to occur again. Bonds: The line graph depicts a steady increase for Bonds over the period of 1984 and 2018. 2. Graph the performance of office, retail and industrial property over this period; comment on relevant trends.