• What is the Full Name of This Organization?

Habitat for Humanity.

  • What is This Organization’s Main Mission or Goal?

Seeking to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope geared towards establishing a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

  • Is it a National Organization? If so, how Many Chapters are There? Which Chapter Will be Your Client? If the Organization is not a National one, What Community or Location Does it Serve?

It is a non-profit and a non- governmental international organization with its Administrative headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and its Global headquarters in Americas, Georgia. It has five area offices around the world: The United States and Canada; Bratislava in Slovakia which serves Europe and Central Asia; Bangkok in Thailand which serves Asia Pacific; Pretoria in South Africa which serves Africa and the middle East; and San Jose in Costa Rica which serves Latin America and the Caribbean. The International headquarters in Americas, Georgia would be my client.

  • How Many Members Does it Have? How Does a Person Join the Organization?

Annually, the organization registers approximately 1.8 million volunteers.
To volunteer, one has to get the information details about the desired position from the organization’s website or its affiliate’s websites or call the desired offices and inquire full information on how to volunteer for the organization. To become and employee, one has to apply for the vacant desired position and wait for a response from the organization.

  • Who are The Decision-Makers? If you Were to Offer Your Services as a Technical Writer, Who Would Interview you and Hire?

An international board of directors and senior leadership staff oversee the Habitat for humanity International work and are therefore responsible for making decisions concerning the construction, rehabilitation, repair and improvement of housing in 70 countries.
However, for each department there are supervisors. If I was to offer services as a technical writer, I would be interviewed by supervisors of the relevant department.

  • What are Some of the Organization’s Major Projects, Events, or Services? Look Closely at Projects That are of Particular Interest to you.

Major annual events include: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project which particularly interests me because of the work it has achieved in the past especially in 2008 where it sought to rebuild after hurricane Katrina and Rita.
And Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon held across the States and which brings together all AmeriCorps volunteers who serve full time with the organization to help families build homes all over the States. This particularly interests me because it helps families in our country.

  • Any Other Information About the Organization you Find Interesting or Relevant

This organization has youth programs like Campus Chapters and Youth United which seeks to involve young people its work. This is admirable since it instills kind, unselfish and helpful values in the youth.

  • Where can you Find out About This Organization? List the Sources you Used to get This Information, Such as Websites, Pamphlets, Etc.

All information about the information is available from their website