My Thesis is entitles “The Governance of Strategic Planning in the Light of the Political Reality in Lebanon: The Case of Hizballah in Nabatieh Municipality and Baalbeck Union of Municipalities.
The thesis will answer the following research questions:
1. How is strategic planning as an approach of territorial management being conceived and practiced in cases where Hizballah is the urban planner?
2. What are the interlinkages between Hizballah’s political hegemony and municipal action and consequently, the process of strategic planning?
3. What is the impact of present models of Local Governance on the process of strategic planning?
4. Is the introduction of new participatory planning tools implying new dynamics of governance and actor networks?
The 15 pages I will order will be on the chapter of Hizballah as an Urban Planner and urban service deliverer. The chapter will explain the party’s previous planning experiences on several fields which I have mentioned in my thesis draft. The ppt presentation I added will give the writer an overview of the whole thesis and will reiterate the points I want to mention in this chapter.
I can provide more details once a proper writer is assigned.